A perspective puzzle platformer about a cube, fallen from the boundless sky, on a poetic adventure through a dark and bottomless hole of life in a cubic metropolis facing numerous hardships to finally step out of the hole into a world of color and light. It features deadly traps based on illusions of the perspective. Each world is populated around cubes which are suburbs of the larger metropolis.

UNIQUE MECHANICS: Having a unique perspective manipulation puzzle solving mechanism as a core feature

STYLIST: Portraying a whole new cubical world with a minimalist style where a fallen cube fight its way back to color and light.

VOYAGE: Through cubical world from pitch black hollow land and heated inferno, to the fallen cities and Cubicopolis.

EXTRAVAGANT: Complex structures using simple machinations of the cubic world.

- Reverse time mechanic


zucenko 4 years ago

Game Graphics Controls
Omg guys... I loved video of the bame but game itself is so different in a way of intuitivness... I could not get it at all.. I am sure dumb but.. egh... i tried but could not pass first level, i changed position of device and seen that camera follows kind of but still.. could not pass first level sorry..

VoxelGameStudios 4 years ago

We are definitely working on making it more intuitive! Especially the controls. Our tutorial is not good enough at the moment either.

So for the basics, you have two camera modes: Side Scroller and Top Down. This can be achieved by tilting your phone. If the phone is horizontal to the ground, you will be in the top down view. If the phone is vertical, you will be in the side scroller view.

You can move left and right in the side scroller view by holding and moving the finger on the left side of the screen. You can jump in the side scroller by tapping the right screen with your right thumb.

As far as the top down view is concerned, you can move in all directions using your left thumb on the left part of the screen. You cannot jump in this view.

Hope this helps you! Let me know if you are still stuck! Thanks for testing out the game :)

zucenko 4 years ago

Ok so I will do more.. :)
Menu.. is fancy but guys please do something I do not have to figure out that this rubic cube in the middle is button not something to spin or so :)

Tutorial starts i see several rotating wheels... after experience from previous screen I thought it is secondary level select.. then I got it.. I am in level now!
I see..
1) left thumb press here and right there...
I tapped both so far so good...
then you write...
2) hold and drag
..good but after 1) I was a bit confused as... egh I think you use 1) to mage people hold it landscape wise and get thumbs ready... anyway in 2) I in the end that figured out left thumb is the one to do this..
3) I understand Jum nicely after going through 1 and 2 :)
4) omg why level could not ended here having target zone in that one plane view? here is big stuck
now I did it... but at first time test... i did more different tilts and buld then did not allowed me drag forward, just left and right... that was the trouble.. some of my more temperament friends would smashed device :)))
hope this ruthless feedback helps

zucenko 4 years ago

Now i understood half of level 2. Hehe guys I make games... i am curious how others will grasp this. I could not make successfull jump from moving pillar.. I tried many times :)

VoxelGameStudios 4 years ago

Thanks for the feedback! Will definitely work on this to make it a much much better experience :)

If possible could you fill out this feedback form as well: http://www.cubicopolis.com/beta-playtesting.html

Ardmark 4 years ago

Game Graphics Tutorial/Learning Curve
I am not the biggest fan of 2D games (probably won't try to make any more myself!) so a 2D / 3D game like this is intriguing. Found the controls to be the biggest issue. I was not sure why you need both thumbs to start with, I guess that's just for left or right handed use. Perhaps an on-screen 'joystick' icon just to show people where to touch, if they held a finger or thumb down for long enough the graphic could appear? Don't know if that makes sense. Also, how about a hint to rotate the device, just to show idiots like me how to play the game when you get a bit stuck. When you turn to portrait, you can only use the upper part of the screen to control the cube?
Since this is a 3D game, how about having a bit more perspective so you can see some more 3D, maybe by not always having the cube dead in the center of the screen - I don't know if that would work though but it might make it more intuitive because when the views switch it isn't immediately apparent what has happened, until you think it through. Again, I'm just thinking about people with short attention spans (again, like myself).
Good though.
Apart from that, I'd like the graphics to be a bit brighter. Looked a little dark.
That said, challenging game and good idea using orientation to change views. Quite liked the graphics. Made the jump from the first pillar OK but it took a while to figure it out.

VoxelGameStudios 4 years ago

Yes! You do have a valid point about the tutorial! We are in process of making it much much more intuitive than how it is now. Would it be possible for you to fill this feedback form as well: http://www.cubicopolis.com/beta-playtesting.html


CoreGG 4 years ago

Game Graphics Controls
Hey, it has some potential - you need to adjust things to make this more .. playable and smooth.
You may want to change some blocks. Its looks a bit boring right now. But great job either way mate

VoxelGameStudios 4 years ago

Thanks for the feedback! We will definitely try to make it a much better experience!

Theimmortalsun 4 years ago

Very unique. Lee up the good work guys. 5 out of 5 stars

VoxelGameStudios 4 years ago

Thank you for the feedback!

uNSHIFTED7 4 years ago

This game be lookin like a bootleg minecraft.
Roast Em


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