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World No More

So far we are still very early in development so not much to see in the screen shots but we are posting our game to be roast to get feedback on our ideasWorld No More is a open-world survival horrror video game. Set at the beginning of the undead apocalypse, the player is involved in a ship crash off the coast of Madagascar in the fictional country of Swaras, and saved by a small group of survivors that have taken refuge at a place called the Lost Temple and made it their Shelter. As society is beginning to fall apart, the player must organize a handful of allies, work on fortifying The Lost Temple into a livable long-term shelter, scouting for food and supplies, making uncertain alliances with others, and attempting to hold together a group as humanity teeters on the brink of extinction. And although the undead lurk as an ever present environmental threat, the biggest obstacle to the player are other humans with the same goal: survival at any cost.Humanity is overrun by a vicious epidemic, scavenging the world for supplies and crafting weapons to defend against the growing infected population with a heavy focus on parkour mechanics, allowing players to perform actions such as climbing ledges, leaping off from edges, sliding, jumping from roofs to roofs and zip-lining. Parkour mechanics also applied on combat. Players can perform action such as drop-kicking when engaging combat with enemies. A grappling hook is also featured in the game, allowing players to climb up buildings and travel between places quickly.   The game is mostly melee-based with the majority of fighting using melee weapons. There are more than 200 weapons that can be used and more than 3000 weapon possibilities when players begin crafting new weapons. The melee-weapons have a limited lifespan and will be degraded and eventually broken if the player uses them for combat for a long time. Players can repair a weapon a limited number of times. Crafting weapons require crafting ingredients such as gauze and metal parts and a blueprint, which can be scavenged or purchased from a shop. Guns are also featured in the game, but players will only gain access to it in the later half of the game. However, ammo is often very scarce.Players can operate several vehicles that is scattered around town. Not only would this provide the player with a means of transportation but it would also serve as armour of sorts. Luckily the player could create new vehicles out of parts of previously demolished cars. A female mechanic could also put new parts and items on cars that would be more powerful. But not every area in the game is drive able. 


I think the game could be improved with some thought into story. The game is too short

6 years ago
Game Graphics Story/Writing/Dialogue

The game is brilliant but after awhile the story gets to boring after a few hours of play. It seems similar to other games in the same genre. You guys should buckle down and make the game unique.

6 years ago
Story/Writing/Dialogue Game Graphics

The game sounds amazing. One of the best VR games I've seen this far. But the graphics look a little outdated unless that is what your going for. I wish there was more to know about the game.

6 years ago
Level Design UI Graphics

I understand that the game is a mobile game but the zombies and the player is hard to see . If I was you I would love to see the game by zoomed in a little bit more so you can see. But I would love to play this game when it comes out for android. Thanks for sharing

6 years ago
Game Graphics Mechanics

The game looks cool. I would love to play it but so far there is nothing to be shown.

6 years ago
Story/Writing/Dialogue UI Graphics

Music and SFX are great but the visual doesn't match but other then that the game is amazing and unique. 4 out of 5 stars.

6 years ago
Story/Writing/Dialogue UI Graphics

The graphics such as the characters are hard to see. But other then that the game is great. 3 our of 5 stars.

6 years ago

Very unique. Lee up the good work guys. 5 out of 5 stars

6 years ago

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