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Boi tell me why the game characters lookin like the WTF squad and also tell me why they lookin like the bootleg ninja turtles.

4 years ago

Bruhh tell me why this game lookin like a bootleg tetris.

4 years ago

Ok honestly this game be lookin like the bootleg wii version of a character and the graphics are so shitty not even Terence Tao couldnt figure why this game was made ands hes the smartest man in 2016.

4 years ago

Lol this is the dumbest game ever invented honestly you could just find a game thats just like this on a peice of paper ha ha.

4 years ago

This game be lookin like a bootleg minecraft.

4 years ago

Bruhh tell me why you have the nerve to copy a 1990s game.

4 years ago

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