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Omg guys... I loved video of the bame but game itself is so different in a way of intuitivness... I could not get it at all.. I am sure dumb but.. egh... i tried but could not pass first level, i changed position of device and seen that camera follows kind of but still.. could not pass first level sorry..

5 years ago

Ok so I will do more.. :)
Menu.. is fancy but guys please do something I do not have to figure out that this rubic cube in the middle is button not something to spin or so :)

Tutorial starts i see several rotating wheels... after experience from previous screen I thought it is secondary level select.. then I got it.. I am in level now!
I see..
1) left thumb press here and right there...
I tapped both so far so good...
then you write...
2) hold and drag
..good but after 1) I was a bit confused as... egh I think you use 1) to mage people hold it landscape wise and get thumbs ready... anyway in 2) I in the end that figured out left thumb is the one to do this..
3) I understand Jum nicely after going through 1 and 2 :)
4) omg why level could not ended here having target zone in that one plane view? here is big stuck
now I did it... but at first time test... i did more different tilts and buld then did not allowed me drag forward, just left and right... that was the trouble.. some of my more temperament friends would smashed device :)))
hope this ruthless feedback helps

5 years ago

Now i understood half of level 2. Hehe guys I make games... i am curious how others will grasp this. I could not make successfull jump from moving pillar.. I tried many times :)

5 years ago

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