Shabda is an early prototype of a upcoming game that relies completely on spatial 3d(binaural) sound for navigation.

There is a difference between 3d audio and spatial(binaural audio). Binaural audio uses special sounds to trick your brain to position sounds in 3d space as if they were real. With that, you can actually understand how close, far, up or down something is in relation to your head.

A first prototype demo is also available with a simple demonstration of game mechanics.

In order to run and play it with spatial sound, you need to enable HRTF in your sound system. Please note that without HRTF enabled, it will be close to impossible to play Shabda, as the sounds will just be regular stereo.

  • added menus and pause & resume functionality
  • you can now load any of the tutorial levels at any time


Dynamic Realities 8 years ago

Mechanics Mechanics
I've tried out your game and I have a few comments.

First the good:
- Great concept. This could be a game for blind people if you execute it right but also a game that seeing people can enjoy too. I really think you should try and empathize on that.

Then the less good:
- The initial tutorial voice is very, very low. When it came to the actual game it blew up in my ears and it was pretty painful.
- I understand the use of software that does text-to-speech but I hope you switch it out for an actual voice in the final game.
- The Options Button doesn't work.
- You should have a "Play" button and not a "Resume" and "Load" button. It implies that the game is paused from an earlier play session instead of being just opened. May confuse some players.
- There is way too much text to go through at the first tutorial. You may want to cut it down to the most concise points so that the player doesn't have to spend long time listening to a tutorial.
- When I alt-tabbed out of the game on Windows 8.1 I could not open the game again for it to work because it didn't regain focus after re-opening it. So whenever I clicked inside the window to regain focus it just minimized the game again.

- Perhaps make a sound that indicates that you hit the boundary of the room you are in. Like you hit the wall or something.
- Consider playing music when the game is started so it's not just silent.

MrPeace 5 years ago

UI Graphics Tutorial/Learning Curve
you really should add screenshots or we wont understand the concept of the game

thepowerlies 3 years ago

Tutorial/Learning Curve
Weird game. Can you at least add some screenshots so that people can actually see more about it?

mysti 3 years ago

Tutorial/Learning Curve
Weird game. Can you at least add some screenshots so that people can actually see more about it?

VincentVogl 2 months ago

The download link is broken right now
Please fix and then i can play your game :)
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