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Introduce Yourself Thread!

6 years ago by Defur

Thought there could be a thread here so we could build a community and perhaps get connected with other creators making similar games, to share knowledge and improve their games!

Suggestions for information to be included:
- Name, Work Role, Company (Solo, Indie or Corporate?), Country
- Favourite Games or Games that have inspired your game creation
- Something you have learned from feedback!

These are the things I can come up with on the spot, might edit the thread later if there is anything that should be added!


Pankapu 6 years ago

Hello everyone!

I've been posting on the forum for quite some time, but I'll introduce myself here :)
So, my name is Bruno, I'm a communication officer for "Too Kind Studio". Too Kind Studio is a french indie team based in the North of France. We're currently working on our first game : Pankapu - The Dreamkeeper!
You can see more info about the game on its RMG page : https://roastmygame.com/profile/Pankapu
We've been posting updates on the forum : https://roastmygame.com/forum/pankapu-the-dreamkeeper

Our game was inspired by the Final Fantasy series, Dust, the Vanillaware productions...

Thanks to feedback, we know more about how to improve the gameplay, so that's been really helpful !

screaminggoatstudios 6 years ago

Hey there Guys and Gals,

Think this is quite a nice idea to introduce everyone and build up a wee community! I know I would definitely enjoy discussing game development with all of you and sharing our ideas.

My name is David, and I'm the CEO of Screaming Goat Studios. We're a Scottish indie team based in Edinburgh and Glasgow, Scotland.

(I'm going to really need to stop looking at Pankapu's post because its so difficult to not copy it word for word haha!)

Anyway our first game is called Boxy Build and you can find it on the main page of Roast My Game. Any thoughts you give us would be incredibly appreciated. When you make a game it becomes very difficult to see any flaws that might be in it, since you know the bugs and can avoid them! So having some "fresh minds" so to speak would be so helpful :)

You can download it from either the App Store or the Play Store at these links!



We're currently working on an endless runner ninja game, which should be released by the end of May. Hope to show you some more of that soon! :D


- David

jaggygames 6 years ago


I'm Johnny and I've been working as an amateur game developer for a few years now. I work on my game in my spare time whenever I can and it's really been a great outlet! I always look forward to working on it ^_^ I don't have a particular goal other than to implement whatever ideas I come up with and see how they pan out.

One of my favourite games of all time is Warcraft 3. This is partly because I love the campaign. but also because the editor got me into experimenting with my own scenarios and creations. It was what really drove me to where I am now and sparked my passion for game development.

I really like the idea behind this site and hope to meet fellow developers and roast many more games!

All the best,

jaggygames 6 years ago

If you fancy checking out my turn-based game you can find it here :)


rasterzone 4 years ago

I'm Alan, and I first got interested in making games when I was 14. (Back in the day in '98!) At the time, I was playing SimCity 2000, and I found people online making custom maps for the game using something called QBASIC. I looked into QBASIC, and that's when I discovered computer programming! The whole idea of being able to make my own programs fascinated me, so I decided to start learning how to make my own games with QBASIC. I started learning computer graphics programming first. It was so interesting, I forgot to come up with game ideas lol. But I kept busy learning the fundamentals of computers and programming, and this led me down the path of a Computer Engineering degree, and a job as an automotive software engineer.

Fast forward to 2016 - I had some free time and some spare cash, so I decided to re-visit making games for real. I started Rasterzone Entertainment, and I've made one mobile game already called Gallery Hero, which is a color-based puzzle game for Android and iOS. I'm working on my next mobile game, Harry and Larry. I'll post it for a roast soon! This site is a neat idea!

WangleLine 4 years ago

Hello there!
I'm WangleLine, a young gamedev from Germany. Back in 2012, I had a sudden interest in making videogames, so I downloaded GameMaker and started making crappy and half-baked games. Over the time, I released some smaller games and I started getting better at everything. I really enjoy doing sound design / music and coding. I think that there's nothing more important than player's feedback and that's why i'm here!
The project I am currently working on is a space-themed puzzle game called "sventba". It's a game about an old factory you explore on your own and I even made five devlog-ish videos about this game on my youtube channel "WangleLine": https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCkcklGgf93ZgT6yAmnzT5mw

Thanks! :D

PrizeStrike 1 year ago

Hey Roast My Game crew

Im Simon, Just getting into Indie Games. I'm working on an AR one that's a treasure hunt. I just hate games that don't give big prizes so I'm working on fixing that. Feel free to sign up for early registration at www.PrizeStrike.com or DM me with roast feedback. Happy to listen. Cheers Simon