Catapoultry is an Eggscellent 3D catapult game with Eggsceptional gameplay that is Eggsciting for all the family. Eggsperiment with different Egglings and see the sometimes Eggsplosive results in a Eggstremely entertaining mobile game. 

The evil farmer has stolen Mother Hen, and has a dastardly plan to make a chicken pot pie for Christmas dinner!  Help the Egglings defeat the farmers henchmen (Pig 'the Pig' Piggy and Soashle the Scarecrow) and destroy the pointless and random barriers that they have built to slow the egglings down.  

Some features:

  • Collect all of the eggling characters

  • Some of the characters have bonus abilities that help complete levels

  • Levels increase in complexity and difficulty

  • Collect the golden Egg to earn more 'Easter Eggs', and use Easter Eggs to purchase characters

  • Use Easter Eggs to purchase 'special Eggs' as well.  Special Eggs allow you to destroy a lot more, a lot faster!

  • You can also purchase Easter Eggs using in-app purchases so you can collect characters faster, or buy more special Eggs


sebit0nic 4 years ago

Game Graphics UI Graphics
Played your game for a little bit so here are my thoughts on it:

I really like the visuals of your game! I am a sucker for low poly graphics and I think you pulled it off pretty well. The animations of the enemies are also a nice little touch, so good job on that!
I also think the whole idea of the game is nice. It's like a 3D Angry Birds with some of your own ideas sprinkled in. That could definitely work, but there are a few things about it that I don't like:

For example, I had a really hard time hitting anything with the eggs. I had no idea how far my shot would go or how far I have to pull back to hit the target. Angry Birds for example has this trail when you pull back your slingshot to show you where the projectile will go approximately. Seems like something you might want to add too.

Also, at first, I thought the UI was very confusing before I figured out that you just have to select a character before each stage. I think that's not really necessary though. Just let the player select the characters when he wants to. I also wanted to purchase one extra ability once for 60 easter eggs and it said I couldn't although I had 95 easter eggs. I think there is some kind of bug in there.

The video ads are also a bit intrusive in my opinion. There's just a random chance that an ad will open every time you go to the store I think. You might reconsider that though and give the player the option to watch an ad for easter eggs (like in Crossy Roads). That way, the player actually has an option.

Overall though, I think it's a pretty neat game and I definitely think that if you refine some of the things a little bit, this could be a great game!

Bonc2games 4 years ago

Hey thanks for taking the time to play and review CataPoultry.

Glad you liked the graphics and the general idea of the game.

Thanks for all the great comments. I will definitely take them all into account, and Im actually in the process of implementing a target trail for the first 5-10 levels. Some food for thought as far as the character selection and videos go - rewarded ads could be a good alternative that i will look in to.

Thanks again!


Bonc2games 4 years ago

Added an Aiming Guide for the first 5 levels, and made it so you can purchase it on subsequent levels as well :) I think I found the bug with you not being able to purchase an extra ability as well, but I havent put the fix in the latest build.
Thanks again for your feedback!

screaminggoatstudios 4 years ago

I really wish I'd bought myself an android device now... So many of the games on here look really cool, but I can't play them! :(

However I have to say I like your style, the game is quite obviously inspired by Angry Birds, but the little changes you've made make it feel like something more. And another thing which gives me hope for this game is the trailer you've put together. Being able to make something like that which has clearly taken some time and effort is a mark of someone who truly cares about their game!

You made this in Unity if I'm not mistaken? The particle effects look similar to the firework standard asset. How long have you been programming for?

Bonc2games 4 years ago

Hey thanks for the nice review - glad you enjoyed the trailer, and hopefully one day I will be able to port this to iOS as well.

You are right, I am using Unity for the development, and Blender for the 3D assets. I am pretty new to programming/game development - CataPoultry is pretty much my first attempt at making a game, so I have been programming for about 13 months now I suppose.

AurynSky 1 year ago

Level Design Game Graphics
I think the game mechanics are proven, there are a bunch of games doing the same mechanic.

I think there's something just a little bit off with the graphics. The low poly look does not look like somebody with experience
made them but rather someone's first go at low poly. There's a certain way to make low poly look good and pop.. this just looks a little bit like it's low poly because it's the best someone could do.

Release mobile games on Android and iOS.. how can you not be doing that these days?!

Overall pretty cool little game here.
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