Gniriki Row Champion


Take a part in Row Championship and see how you will fare against other players from around the world!

  • Updated boost - Added burning effect when double boost is hit!
  • Adjusted speeds and forces for the boat
  • Adjusted single player difficulties
  • Leaderboards!
  • Rank showed in the main menu

  • Achievements
  • Integrating ads
  • Expanding tutorial to teach about the boost


daffyfig33 8 years ago

Hey, when I go to the download page, it asks me to join as a tester and then I get an error saying "We're sorry, the requested URL was not found on this server." Was your game removed from the Play Store?

gniriki 8 years ago

Hi! It seems that there is a lag in Play Store - it make take a few minutes from joining as a tester to being able to view/download the game. I can't figure out why, or even if I can help it at all.

daffyfig33 8 years ago

Got it to download now! So back to the roast.

The controls were pretty intuitive. At first I was rowing one paddle at a time but then after watching the other players I realized I needed to row both at the same time. It took me about 5 games until I was able to keep up with the other rowers. But even in the "Easy" mode, I was not able to reach first place after playing 10+ games. This was pretty frustrating.

I think the biggest problem is the repetitiveness of the game. Maybe you could add waves to the ocean or obstacles that the user would need to avoid by rowing one paddle.

sebit0nic 8 years ago

Mechanics Level Design
Just my two cents:

Very fun mechanics actually! Your tutorial explained the gameplay quite well and I immediately figured out what to do. There's a lot that could be done with this idea!
The visuals are also very nice and consistent so good job on that part as well.

What I didn't quite understand is the fact that "Quick Game" and "Single Player" are the exact same thing I think? Maybe you'll add some kind of story or something to the game later on but for now, that confused me a bit.
Also, as someone else mentioned above, there isn't much replay value as of right now. It just misses that special "something" you know? Maybe add obstacles or some kind of power up system?

But overall, I enjoyed playing it for a few minutes.
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