Hoopity Stick


Remember when kids played outside? When they were content to push a hoop with a stick... uphill both ways? Well, Semag Studio remembers. And that’s why we made Hoopity Stick, the best in hoop based action games!

Hoopity Stick is a physics based twist on an infinite runner. No set lanes, no “jump and duck”. Just you swinging a stick to guide your hoop as best you can while collecting hard candies. Classic fun. Push your hoop down the street, past flaming cars, along narrow scaffolding, and over burst water pipes, you know, just a casual walk with your hoop and stick. And the hoop explodes if you fall over. Did I forget to mention that?

Oh yeah, and sometimes it’s not a hoop… or a stick. Sometimes it’s more of an axe pushing a wheel of cheese, or a tire iron pushing a curled up snake. Or any of hundreds of other crazy hoop and stick combinations.

Daily challenges force you to adapt to different hoop and stick combinations, testing your skill and creativity. Completing the daily challenge gives you bonus candies to spend on unlocking new hoops and sticks.

How far can you push it?


daffyfig33 8 years ago

From the start, I think the first "Semag Studio" screen is a bit useless and doesn't really provide any value to the user.

A lot of the text is hard to read, I feel like the game was made for a tablet. Some examples of hard to read text: the "Daily Challenge" button on the main menu, almost all the text on the Store menu.

I think I may have found a bug. After the first time that I lost, I received the option to spin, I tapped the "Spin!" button, the little arm started spinning and then the game quit to my home screen. Just for debugging purposes, I'm on a Galaxy S5. The spinning worked fine the second time I started the game.

Some other random thoughts I had while playing:
- I really like that I was able to start playing directly from the start menu, just had to swipe up. It felt pretty intuitive.
- I love the "old timey" atmosphere you've got going, it gives the game a very polished feel.
- I think you've got the physics of the wheel spot on, nice job on that!
- The camera spin that occurs after you loose feels really fast.

PoopOnMyPee 4 years ago

UI Graphics Animation

PakistaniGammer 3 years ago

Game Graphics
Game grphics looking good and fantastic

OneManDev 1 year ago

I am playing your game it's very enjoying, please play my games and give me some valuable feedback

leftconcerned 1 year ago

UI Graphics Level Design
Ok, I almost threw my phone within 30 seconds of playing this game. But...that's not a bad thing. It's actually a good thing. The game was challenging and kept me coming back for more. I was frustrated, but enjoyably so. The only thing I'd like to see is more random levels, it felt like I kept coming back to the same levels over and over again. Maybe a different one here and there, but it always felt like the same one or two levels no matter how far I got into the game (which still isn't far, tbh). I'll be coming back to this game for sure.

RoastMaster 11 months ago

Oh, wow, Hoopity Stick. I remember when I used to play that game...said no one ever. Seriously, who even plays that game? If you want to experience the thrill of pushing a hoop with a stick, just go outside. But I guess Semag Studio knows that their game is so boring that they have to add exploding hoops just to keep players interested. And let's not forget the "creative" combinations like an axe and a wheel of cheese, because who doesn't love a good cheese-themed game? I'm surprised they didn't add a combination of a rusty nail and a pile of dog poop for an added challenge. But hey, at least they're giving out bonus candies as a reward for playing their forgettable game. Maybe they should just stick to making candy instead of making games.
(This is just a roast, I'm sorry for any offence)
Roast Em


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