Dope City


I made this game with a team for Global Game Jam 2016. You play as a drug runner trying to collect as many drugs as possible and survive seven increasingly brutal nights. The drugs are exchanged for upgrades and bribe money, so collect as many as you can before you run into the dealer. Be sure to read the quick gameplay tip on the page about avoiding the police.

I might not update this game depending on what needs work, but I'm doing One Game a Month so I'd love to hear what you think is good or bad here so my future games can improve!


daffyfig33 5 years ago

Fun game! I really liked the little spin move that was required to get away from the police, it requires just the right amount of timing and arrow-pressing skills.

The most frustrating thing was the controls. It looks like there is some 'radius' arround which the character turns so you can't turn to exactly where you want. I kept missing the drugs on the first try because I had the cops on my tail and couldn't turn as quickly as I wanted. This may have been your intention to make the game more difficult but I found it annoying.

It feels kind of weird that there are so many cops, how about police cars that can only follow you on the road and pedestrians that can also catch you but they have a much smaller sight distance?

Also, the pointer arrow seems to clip into the buildings, you could probably solve this by putting the arrow in a separate place in the map and having a second overlay camera that renders the UI elements.

Yoshgunn 5 years ago

Game Graphics Level Design
I actually really like the classic GTA look here. Love the top down view.

I think it's great as a game jam game, so props to you! If you ever pick up the project again, consider some smaller tutorial levels and maybe a way to fight the police. There could be consequences like if you shoot a cop, the next night the street is flooded with police or something. And I'd love to see some variety in the level, although I love how the city looks.

Great work!

Silvermedalgames 5 years ago

Game Graphics Story/Writing/Dialogue
The graphics were not cutting-edge, but I liked the bird's eye perspective the game has. The buildings look cool when you're walking down the street. Also, did you make your own music for the game, it really seems to fit with the mood.

With this type of game I expected a little more story. After watching shows like "Breaking Bad" I would like to sympathize more with the drug dealer types.

Overall, it looks pretty good for a Game Jam game! Looks like you had a great team to work with.

SmashTown 2 years ago

Game Graphics Level Design
My favorite thing about this game is the 3D buildings, The player, enemies and world assets are serviceable. I loved how the music complemented the game world. That being said, I think you could make a really fun game about trafficking, and the sale of illegal goods. I would suggest, if possible, having different levels everytime the game starts a new night, or maybe procedurally generated environments, so you do not get accustomed to starting from the same area. The camera could also do with being zoomed out a bit because, by the time I realized a cop was in front of me, I was too close to him, and it was too late to run. I think you have something that could be really fun if you keep at it.
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