Solve puzzles with gravity, compete with your friends, and help a lonely astronaut find his way home!

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You get to manipulate the force of gravity... That's right. Newton's Laws don't apply here. In GRAVL, you compete with your friends to help Phil the Astronaut collect the most Fuel Cells, in the shortest amount of time, so he can refuel his spaceship and go back to his home planet.

Phil is an astronaut working for a new space program, Gravitational Readjusters of Acute Vicissitudes of Levitation, also called GRAVL. His spaceship is stranded in space and he needs to find more fuel. In a strangely convenient turn of events, Phil encounters an ice planet with Fuel Cells lying around everywhere. You must help him before it's too late!

• Stunning graphics in full HD!
• 25 unique levels designed to make your brain hurt. More coming soon!
• 10+ types of interactive gravity switches (including rotators, timed switches, bouncy switches). More coming soon!
• Achievements and leaderboards on Google Game Services so you can compete with your friends!
• Cloud Save enabled when you login with Google+ so your game progress is never lost, even when you switch from the Free version!
• One very cute little astronaut.

0. (New) Hardware acceleration for faster framerates on devices with API 11+. 1. (Fixed) Crash on startup on some devices. 2. (Fixed) Slow frame-rates on some devices. 3. (New) Made sign-in to Google Play Services optional. 4. (Fixed) Many tiny bugs. 5. (New) Content Rating (E) and addition to Family apps.


pikeface 8 years ago

Physics Game Graphics
I really like how the physics of the game work. It sounds like a really interesting game.

Mattyds 8 years ago

Tutorial/Learning Curve UI Graphics
- The game plays well
- The learning curve is brilliant! The way you introduce new mechanics was done extremely well!
- The intensity of the gravity has been set correctly as well, as it gives the player plenty of time to perform their action but isn't too slow to bore them.
- The challenges are easy to finish but getting perfect can be a bit of a challenge

- The menu font isn't consistent and is sometimes difficult to read.
- The rotate block forced me to rotate when I didn't want to which was frustrating at times
- The lack of player animation

Klade 8 years ago

Physics UI Graphics
The idea behind the game is very good. Controls feel smooth and transitions too, except for a few times i got semi-stuck between 2 tiles.

I feel the UI could use a lot of improvement, specially the font it looks kinda pixelated or blurry sometimes, even the game title. The rest of buttons, panel, etc. look nice but could be better.
The main character could use a better animation and sprite too. Feels like you need a better designer.
At this current version is fun enough for a free game with ads, but doesn't feel buy/pay worthy to me at this moment.

Hope this helps you and doesn't sound too harsh.

Splash Basketball Online 8 years ago

Physics Animation
The trailer should be divided by two more or less. I do not feel like testing the game, maybe too low, even the astronaut and the voice (even considerating gravity.)
I like the idea, could be fun, but please add animation : character and background, it's gonna be funnier.
I wouldn't pay now for this game, but i follow your next step.
I don't mean to be rude, keep working and playing! :)

CoreGG 8 years ago

Physics Animation Reply

mariospants 8 years ago

Mechanics Game Graphics
Trailer's got great audio, but it's waaaay too long... 1:12 and only one level shown?

The game looks like a lot of fun, I'd perk up the graphics somehow, it's missing something... music and sfx are awesome, just need visuals to match.

Theimmortalsun 8 years ago

Story/Writing/Dialogue UI Graphics
Music and SFX are great but the visual doesn't match but other then that the game is amazing and unique. 4 out of 5 stars.

Dureo 8 years ago

Mechanics Game Graphics
The game mechanics are great but i think the background doesn't match with the game element graphics. Try to make game elements more natural... or make background more artificial :P .

Ayush_Dutt1 2 years ago

Good game made.
Keep going.
Roast Em


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