Super Wizard Fever


Feel the rush of being a real wizard running in a full blown fever pitch! Super Wizard Fever is an arcade-style endless runner with a unique retro twist. Perfect your jumping and boosting skills as you try to achieve the biggest high score ever!

The energetic, retro soundtrack and old-school visuals will make you feel the way you did when you were just a young 112 year old apprentice wizard. Dust off your running robes and jumping spells because you're about to experience what it is to have a Super Wizard Fever!

• Simple single touch controls
• Smooth and fluid endless runner gameplay
• Nostalgic chip-tune soundtrack and effects
• Retro pixel art graphics and animation
• Achievements and leaderboards
• No in-app purchases!
• Infinite replayability, just keep on running!

  • Changed the boost to move the wizard upwards as well as forwards
  • Updated icon!
  • Added the ability to install or move the game to the SD card
  • Improved compression quality of sounds and music
  • Performance improvements


Salamileg 8 years ago

Mechanics Level Design
Solid idea for an endless runner, what with the energy management to be able to continue running. The levels do get boring rather quickly however. Some extra obstacles other than bottomless pits would be nice. And of course my first thought when I saw "wizard" was "add monsters!" but I doubt that's what you wanted your game to be, so terrain hazards should suffice.

Also, I noticed something that may be a bug. Whenever I passed 800 meters, the energy refill stations were always at the beginning of the platform, making it difficult to progress further. Do note that I didn't pass 1100 meters so I don't know if this extends for the rest of the game.

You've definitely got a solid start going for you!.

kcbanner 8 years ago

Thanks! I actually have a curve programmed in that moves the potion closer to the beginning of the platform the farther you go, I did this to encourage getting jumps perfect in order to continue to farther distances. Perhaps I could randomize it more but just shift it towards the start still.

flai 8 years ago

Game Graphics Mechanics
What is like is that it's fun and kind of addicting. However, what annoyed me the most is the 3...2...1...Go! intro where I'm unable to do anything. I end up clicking and wasting my juice at the very start.

Other endless runners like temple runner and flappy all solve this better: You start actually running / moving at the beginning, but have to do nothing until a certain point. This gives you a place to learn the mechanics.

Also, the interaction that long-jumping doesn't cost you wizard juice could be made more clear - maybe light up the bar if wizard juice is being used up, and if you animate it when it's getting low it's also a way to get more "umph" for your game.

These are just my thoughts :) Great game otherwise, it's really fun!

kcbanner 8 years ago

Thanks, great feedback. I could alter the beginning to just be a longer running start?

pikeface 8 years ago

Game Graphics Reply

SlothzillaGames 8 years ago

Game Graphics Mechanics Reply

Q_Layer 8 years ago

UI Graphics Mechanics Reply

inesduverge 8 years ago

Tutorial/Learning Curve Level Design Reply

CoreGG 8 years ago

Game Graphics Level Design
This graphics reminds me of some game I saw on TIGSOURCE devlog. Maybe it was you?

Lomaz 8 years ago

Game Graphics Level Design
Love the graphics, very retro! But the layout could be more interesting! Keep it up!

mariospants 8 years ago

Game Graphics Level Design
The game's a little too simple, let's be honest. As a quick endless runner, it's got the graphics, the sound, the music, it's a great aesthetic package wasted on a throw-away game. GIVE US MOAAARR!! I'd love to see this turned into something where you can call on spells so that you can choose to fly over obstacles, tunnel your way thru hills, go under water, and mow down enemies. There's so much you can do with this concept, and so little that's been done in the endless runner genre. I'd say go for it, you've obviously got the programming and design skills to do it, don't let super wizard be wasted on a simple schtick.

- so endeth my roast of this game.

dimexby 8 years ago

Level Design
Wow, I like the game! It's very fun time-killer. 6766 meters were completed :)

Especially want to say, the music is really cool!

Just have some notes, I can jump, when a timer is not completed and as result, time to time I fall down at start. Also I had some freezes during gaming. Device: Nexus 5x. I hope this one will be fixed at new release.

In overall, very good job. Level design and soundtrack made me smile :) . Thanks for the good game.

Theimmortalsun 8 years ago

Story/Writing/Dialogue UI Graphics
The graphics such as the characters are hard to see. But other then that the game is great. 3 our of 5 stars.

ErosLove 5 years ago

Game Graphics Level Design
looks like oldschool game, thats good. But u can make more cool project from this.
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