Infection Mode


Unknown virus that transforms an ordinary person into a zombie gripped the world. A small percentage of people with a strong immune system, were able to survive, but now they have a dangerous enemy - zombies!   Features: - Destroy zombies; - Complete 18 challenging levels, performing various gaming purposes; - Stop the time in difficult situations; - Use any firearm from the 16 available; - Undermine the zombies using grenades; - Upgrade your character speed, immunity, health; - Use anti-dote if you are infected; - Set up your game records; - Receive achievements.

- Added optimization;
- Added Ultra quality;
- Updated player animations.


Theimmortalsun 8 years ago

Level Design UI Graphics
I understand that the game is a mobile game but the zombies and the player is hard to see . If I was you I would love to see the game by zoomed in a little bit more so you can see. But I would love to play this game when it comes out for android. Thanks for sharing

dimexby 8 years ago

Currently I have changed parameters of camera-zoom, but unfortunately the zombies and the player still look little small. I tried to make this little bit more, but in this way zombies appear very fasted and player cannot prevent zombie attack.

Thank you for your response! It's very helpful for me see your feedback!

JordiLafitte 7 years ago

El juego me ha impresionado mucho, tiene un sistema de controles muy acertado para jugar en teléfonos.
Felicidades al autor.

NewSystem 5 years ago

Level Design Controls
I love the level design but gameplay needs improvement, it's not very fluid

Berneons 4 years ago

Game Graphics
Very nice all that is in the game, continue to support this game!

future-games 3 years ago

Game Graphics
Interesting graphics! I am not good at digital art... you might see that in my games!

neontek 1 year ago

UI Graphics
ui graphics and controls are really good.amazing game
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