Spaced Out


The ship's controls are failing, and you must maneuver the ship through a small tunnel in space. Easy enough, but try avoiding all of the asteroids and laser beams that are floating in space as well! And on top of all this, the ship's speed keeps increasing by the second! Fly the ship through impossibly tight openings and avoid the walls and asteroids for as long as you can!


- Enter a username to see how your highscores stack up against the rest of the world on the world leaderboard!

+ Added both a timer and a run tracker for ads so that the user is not bombarded with ads after shorter runs.

+ It has been suggested that the graphics be slightly more detailed. In the spirit of 8-bit games, I have hesitated to make the graphics any more detailed than they are. However, if the graphics are truly an eyesore, I could improve them in future updates.


buckriderstudio 4 weeks ago

Mechanics Level Design
Wow, what a hard game I almost made it to 7 points to reach the world leader board, which is a very nice feature.

Although the graphics are simple they are consistent but I think you can improve a lot. Adding a paralax map does wonders and is pretty easy to do.

Gameplay can be improved perhaps by some bonus pickups. It's currently too simple imho.

Way too many ads, I liked to try a couple more times but watching a ad every couple seconds (Yes I died a couple times at the first barrier) made me stop playing. Implement a timer that either counts the amount of games or the time and show an ad only after x amount of time.

PnutButtrCrepes 4 weeks ago

Cool, thank you for your roast!

PnutButtrCrepes 4 weeks ago

I went ahead and fixed the ads, since that seems to be the biggest issue (and the easiest one to solve). I have some ideas in mind for powerups, so maybe I will end up adding some. I looked into the paralax map, and it seems to be designed specifically for 3D games (correct me if I am wrong). Either way, the graphics are meant to mimic 8-bit ones, so I am hesitant to implement complex graphics more for the sake of loyalty than for complexity. However, if the graphics become a big issue, I might reconsider my position on that as well.

buckriderstudio 4 weeks ago

I'm talking about the old school parallax background that gives the impression of depth in a 2D game. You can add multiple tileable backgrounds and let them scroll at different speeds. The closest background would move fastest and every background behind that moves slower. Here is a article about it:

You could put a nebula in the front, then some planets or asteroids and a starfield in the back. Tone it down so it does not interfere with the actual game elements too much.

PnutButtrCrepes 4 weeks ago

Hm, okay. Thanks for the suggestions! I have never heard of the term "parallax map" before, but now that you explain it, I know what you are talking about.

buckriderstudio 4 weeks ago

I am amazed at how little people know about game development and still manage to develop a simple yet fully functional game. I started game development 8 years ago but only managed to complete a couple of games, so good job!

PnutButtrCrepes 4 weeks ago

Lol, thanks, I guess.

Chukobyte 4 weeks ago

Controls Game Graphics
Took me awhile, but I finally scored 8 points! I like that you've implemented a leaderboard. I also thought the music choice matched the type of game this is. The graphics are simple and I think it could use some variation the further you progress within the game.

After a few playthroughs I felt as though I didn't have much of a reason to come back. Maybe adding more to the game would spice it up, such as different ship types, power ups, etc. The game mechanics are simple, so I'm curious as to how you would achieve a more complex game with the current mechanics. Also, the music loop for the main menu seems to be a little bit off timing wise.

DyingSilence 3 weeks ago

Controls Mechanics
Talk about programmer art :D

The core game is quite good, the only issues I have:
-the hitboxes are a little too unforgiving, some may think they died by touching air
-the randomness is left with too little control, which may sometimes corner the player into the instant loss. The most jarring example I've experience was when two overlaping stones ganked me at the exit of the wall, covering both ways out, forcing me to crash

I was trying to achieve a score worthy of global high scores, but I've got the "inapropiate username" strike, like, five times in a row and I just gave up.

PnutButtrCrepes 3 weeks ago

Okay, someone else also commented on the hitbox accuracy, and I'll be sure to look into that. I have modified the asteroid algorithm before, but I agree that it could use some more work. However, could you please elaborate on the inappropriate username incident? That was a last minute addition, and I was hoping that it wouldn't malfunction. In fact, you are the first person to report that you have had a problem with it.
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