Running Away From Responsibilities


This endless runner type game is perfect fit for when you have homework/job/school/chores/.etc to do but you wish to ignore those tasks at hand and just waste some time until you're ready or not to face them. I myself am guilty of this, hence the title


herogameco 10 months ago

Game Graphics UI Graphics
Beautiful art, nice music, and very fun little game!

-very easy to learn how to play, yet challenging to master
-showing the dev high score gives the player something to try to beat
-getting to change your outfit color is a nice touch
-lovely stylized art
-music has just the right amount of tempo to be exciting but not stressful

-the reset & quit buttons are sort of unattractive; I would have liked to see UI that fit with the Western feel of the background art
-let the player know via a tooltip or pop up that they can change the color of their outfit; I totally missed that part of the UI when I first played

-a few more music tracks to cycle through
-an evolving background depending on how long you play (for example, since the sun is setting in the background, it would be really cool if the sun eventually set & the background turned dark blue or purple like nighttime)

TOP5STUDIOS 9 months ago

Level Design UI Graphics

Love your use of parallax scrolling. I'm super jealous of you using this effect so well. the music fits the game quite well.

I had a bit of trouble timing the jumps. I'm not sure if holding the space bar makes you jump higher, but that would be nice.
I don't know what the icons following the player are.

Bund187 3 months ago

Game Graphics Level Design
Game feel and graphics are sweet!
The pixel-art and light fusion is very well done.
Procedural levels <3
Easy and good personalization.
Good idea to include the best scores to compete with.

I agree with TOP5STUDIOS's comment "I had a bit of trouble timing the jumps. I'm not sure if holding the space bar makes you jump higher"
I think the level design being procedural is what this type of game needs but must have a progression. I died many times in the first jump and did not feel I did something wrong.
In my opinion the music shouldn't reset every time you died. You listen to the first 5 seconds of the theme like a thousand times.

Overall you can see a lot of work here and thats something to praise. Well done!


Level Design Mechanics
Try making the Scoreboard a little bit more bigger Since it is a little hard to see the score.
Roast Em


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