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You are an alien in a world of animals. Despite you don't undertand their language you have to help them if you want to go back home.

The Radio Incident

This is a game about a radio, a radio that talks to you, a radio that seems friendly because everytime you pass one of its tests it gives you some money for you to decorate your room. Just obey the radio.


Unbodied is a small adventure full of magic, puzzles, and strange characters. Explore the entire cemetery, get your magic wand, and find all the spells that will help you progress. "Unbodied" is about a small skeleton whose body has been taken from him and now he fights to reclaim it. Lost in a cemetery filled with this weird characters and challenging puzzles, our hero finds a magic wand that allows him to progress by acquiring different spells.   "Unbodied" is my first commercial game released on Steam. It is entirely focused on game design, levels, and puzzles, featuring charismatic and humorous character design. It offers an enviromental narrative where the lore is reserved for the most curious players.   - Encounter strange beings that will aid (or hinder) you on your adventure.   - Face challenging puzzles that will test your patience.   - Big chunk pixels that delight pixel art enthusiasts.   - Dark and sarcastic humor around every corner.  

Game Graphics Level Design

I like the aesthetic in genereal. I think the tile moving style is good but maybe it needs a bit of speed as the character takes too much time to go from one point to another. I accidentally skipped the tutorial because when the guard told me to kill the five rats I, instead, touched a white square and got teleported to somewhere else. In this new scene it was a wizard and the same happened to me, I touched the white squared and got teleported to a village. The goal is not clear, I wanderer around a bit until I enter a cave and a wizard kill me. When I respawned a guy of level 76 was next to me but I couldn´t interact with it. Then I used the map to teleport to some lake and the game frozen.

I think the idea is good but it need to be really really well polished before continue.

4 years ago
Level Design UI Graphics

I like how with little things a game like this can be entertaining. It is challenging and almost pretty well executed and free of bugs. I didn´t like the UI, it is too big and the commentaries of the players gets in the way of sight so they are annoying. Another thing to get better is the controls, feel a bit akward to crouch with the ctrl. I also could say that enemies should have a more characteristic sound, so the player could be aware that certain enemy is near. For example, more than once I´ve been hit by an arrow because I didn´t know it was there.

Keep working on it, it is a good game.

4 years ago
Level Design Mechanics

I really like the idea you can take a lot from it. It is simple but challenging, maybe sometimes too much. You have to position the clud a bit forward to rain over the trees but if you do that you cant avoid the tornados, that´s something to think about it. Also think about adding some more content, the game works as it is but it need more action.

4 years ago

Thank you very much for your roast. It seem very accurate to me. Has been very challenging to me to let the player know what to do only with icons and I see there's still some work to do.
I'll take on account your improvement points.

4 years ago

Decompression protected with a password, can't play it.

2 years ago
Game Graphics Level Design

Game feel and graphics are sweet!
The pixel-art and light fusion is very well done.
Procedural levels <3
Easy and good personalization.
Good idea to include the best scores to compete with.

I agree with TOP5STUDIOS's comment "I had a bit of trouble timing the jumps. I'm not sure if holding the space bar makes you jump higher"
I think the level design being procedural is what this type of game needs but must have a progression. I died many times in the first jump and did not feel I did something wrong.
In my opinion the music shouldn't reset every time you died. You listen to the first 5 seconds of the theme like a thousand times.

Overall you can see a lot of work here and thats something to praise. Well done!

2 years ago

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