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Ice Cold Blood

Ice Cold Blood is a story of war and revenge. The creatures dwelling in a provincial polar town will find themselves drawn into a war they never asked for, brought upon them by an invader army, the muscle of a predator group that has made of abuse its way of living.

To Eat Love

Arcade-style game about perception and driving under the influence. At the party stage the more you consume the more money you gather, but also the more perilous the drive home will be. Featuring:partying, love, reality distortion, dizziness, and fast driving. Includeshistory mode, where you can progress into more success, more money, and more frivolous food-parties.     

Cosmo Lords

Destroy an Interstellar Gang in this Arcade-style space shooter. Includes: --8 level history mode with boss fights. --Unlockable Boss Challenge mode.--Unlockable Endurance mode.--4 Unlockable ships.--Simple controls and challenging difficulty.--Leaderboards and achievements.

Matador Trump

Play as a bull and defeat the Matador; an orange yellow-haired old man. He builds a wall to defend from your attacks. Time your attacks correctly to make him suffer. Once he attacks, he becomes confused from the effort; that is the right moment to charge! So avoid his attacks and then counter, in a punch-style fashion.

Mechanics Controls

I was actually enjoying the game, but I can only enjoy it so much when it keeps crashing on me!!! Please fix the bugs. I can see myself playing the game and enjoying it. I do script in python (2, not 3). I like the graphics, I like the concept and I like the gameplay, but the crashes, man!!! Ignore the "Needs most work" part, I just didn't know what to put there, just know that it is the crashes that keep me from playing Injection. Keep it up, and let me know when you have a working version. I'm on linux. By the way, cool that you're using pygame!!

Error I get:

Aborted (core dumped)

7 years ago
Mechanics Level Design

Hi!! I enjoyed playing your game for a few minutes. I couldn't figure out level 2, it got me bored. Other than that I wish you could offer more material to make a better judgement. I would suggest you keep at it, though, I would like to play a further demo with a complete level, say, or a few levels. I think it is too early to say anything, except that I would like to play this game when it is completed. Also, why is water so harmful that the character can't even seem to get his feet wet without starting to drown? I think you should change this, make it so that you can get your feet in the water. Thanks for letting us play your game!!!

7 years ago

I found it. I will keep looking for this kind of stuff.

7 years ago

Hi! First of all thank you for playing! Also thanks for your comments, I'm glad you could enjoy it!

About the controls, I have to tell you that's on me, it was my call. We have been trying several schemes, and it was my choice to use this one for this release. We will be trying out more, including the one you mention where the camera turns with the character, and see where that leads us.

About the lighting, yeah, I didn't pay attention to that, but you're right, I did neglect the graphics, will be fixing that asap.

Overall, I appreciate your feedback and will consider your suggestions!

7 years ago
Game Graphics Level Design

It's easy to tell the dedication put into this game. I think it has great potential. At first I wasn't sure what I was supposed to do, and I don't say that in a bad way, I liked the fact that I had to learn through experience, like the old times.

I played 4 levels, I'll play the others later. I will just make one suggestion: I would like to see more diversity in the features in the stage, that means, more diverse puzzles to solve. Also, is there a way to get out of those rooms with a laser or force field without losing all spores but the main one? Maybe I'll find out later.

Also, I didn't like having to swipe to make the camera move. Maybe it would work better if the camera would follow the spore.

Anyway, nice game, I really liked the look of it. Looks very elegant.

7 years ago

Yeah, I liked the no-tutorial approach. Discovery is a joy in itself.

I haven't played the later levels, but if you could add more diversity gradually in the first few it would help. I was thinking also some kind of reward after you beat a level would be appreciated by players.

I was just wondering about the forcefield, I thought I might have missed something.

Yeah, the camera suggestion sounds better than what I was thinking, I was just thinking a camera that would follow you around. His suggestion is better no doubt.

I will play your game when it's finished. It's great to work alone in some ways, but there are perils that come with it, I can imagine. I will just say keep working on it!

7 years ago
Controls Level Design

Hi. This game looks really nice, I specially liked how fluid the control is. There are some issues that I think are keeping this game from reaching its full potential.

The levels are overwhelming. It's like you tried to put as much stuff in as small space as possible. If you pace it a little better giving players space to breath I think it'll work better.

The camera is too close to the character and it moves very abruptly. Try smoothing it a little bit, see if it works.

I'll keep playing it and come back later.

7 years ago
Game Graphics Story/Writing/Dialogue

Hi! I really liked this one! It is pleasing to the eye and it was surprisingly smooth to control. There is just one thing that keeps it from being excellent in my opinion:

I don't like this mechanic of really short levels and no goal but to be really fast. If you could do a campaign, with a simple back story and long levels, boss fights, challenges, this could be something else!

This is just my opinion, I'm sure some people will like this approach of creating levels and trying to beat times. I think you must keep that, but adding a story mode would give this game a huge boost!

7 years ago

Good to hear! I will keep playing. Still, the long levels won't be a substitute for a nice, simple story, that can give a feel of purpose to the game. I'm glad you have given this some thought though, even if you decide to put it aside in favor of other issues, it's still a good game than I enjoy playing.

7 years ago
Tutorial/Learning Curve Game Graphics

Hey! This game needs a lot of work on all departments!

7 years ago
Game Graphics Tutorial/Learning Curve

Nice first impression. I loved how the trees moved with the wind (something similar should happen to the grass though, and my clothes, and so on, it's a nice feel if you can keep it congruent). The problem I have with this game is I have no idea what to do or where to go, and how the level is made of steep hills. Also, the water effects are exaggerated. Unity has some other water effects that in my opinion would fit better. Also I jumped into the water, and after the countdown ended was teletransported to a strange place, so I ended up more lost than before. All in all, I think the player needs a visible purpose as soon as the game starts.

I would like to see more people play this game, it could be fun so have some online matches.

7 years ago
Mechanics Level Design

Hi!! Hey, I've been having fun playing your game. I like the control, I like the concept and I overall would like to encourage you to keep working on it. Now, given the nature of this site, let me mention some things I didn't quite like, but that I think are minor details you can easily solve.

Why make the jumps so tight? There's no need to do this, specially early in the first level. This could be frustrating and might drive some people to stop playing overall.

I think you need to work on your level design a lot. Just really think about the experience you want the player to have, and experiment with different layouts. I think we needed a stage with more enemies and fewer jumps and one with fewer enemies and more jumps. Anyway, in the end I'll play whatever you release.

I would have appreciated gamepad support.

I really liked the cartoon gore. The cows exploding and the chicken running headless (just like real chickens!). You need to add more stuff like this.

All right! I have enjoyed playing your game!

7 years ago
Controls Story/Writing/Dialogue

Yes, this game can be very fun. I've enjoyed playing it, it makes a great casual game for someone not looking for depth. The design is overly simple, which isn't necessarily a bad thing. I would have liked to see a bit more originality in the character desing and in the selection of colors used, other than that I think it serves its purpose.

6 years ago
UI Graphics Controls


You did a great job with the intro, UI graphics and fonts used. It looks polished and gives a high-end appearance.

The graphics look nice (except the water)


I couldn't play the game successfully with the current control scheme. The left "stick" doesn't feel right, it's not responsive and sometimes it gets stuck. This could be a flaw on my end, I haven't really played other games with this kind of control. If only I complain about this, you can ignore it. I'm not a fan of this type of controls.

The water is a strain on the eye. Please use a different effect.

Why is the snowman so stiff? Being the principal character it shouldn't look so lifeless!!

6 years ago

Thank you for the comments. I'll take them into account.

5 years ago

Thanks. I'll keep working on this concept, adding different matadores and some other twists.

5 years ago


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