Moon Tide


Link to the game (Itch.io) - https://gamerboyadvanced.itch.io/moon-tide
Moon Tide is an atmospheric game level with mystery and puzzle elements. Interact with the scene in this strange and surreal dreamscape to uncover what happened.

I would be greatly appreciative of any playthroughs, feedbacks, or roastings as it will help me grow as a designer. Rude commentary and video capture are highly encouraged. It takes 10-20 minutes to complete, and I hope you enjoy it.

Left click - Interact
Right Click - Drop current item

Thank you,


PatrickNorton 1 year ago

Level Design Tutorial/Learning Curve
From the beginning up to seeing and interacting with that pannel that controls the pool cover, things were laid out in a way in which I knew what to do. After that, I had no idea.

It didn't feel like I was figuring things out, but more like I was just trying everything. I guess it's supposed to be like that up to a point as you take a look around and figure out what you can do, but I couldn't figure out what I could do for too long, so it wasn't keeping me invested. By the time I stopped I'd collapsed the parasols (what was that for?), found the thing in the shed, connected the pool things together, and opened the pool cover further.

Is there a key for the "manual override"? Was that a keyhole below it? I didn't find the key. That seemed like the goal immediately, so if it was then that implication worked well.

GamerBoyAdvanced 1 year ago

Hey Patrick,

Thanks for playing the game and offering your feedback, it is useful to know where you got stuck. There is indeed a key, it's location has something to do with the parasols being taken out from the tables.

PatrickNorton 1 year ago

No problem. Now could you roast mine please?

rechronicle 1 year ago

Story/Writing/Dialogue Tutorial/Learning Curve
Short answer:
I don't know what to do and what is happening!

My thoughts after playing:
After 10 minutes wandering around and clicking on every possible object, I finally able to absorb the green ooze. And then... I'm completely lost in the pool. I don't know, I just can't get to understand what the hell I'm doing there.

Anyway, good luck with improving the game.
If you don't mind, come to my page and roast my game.

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