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Draigana's Fire

Medieval fantasy RPG about the last dragonkin to find the truth about her identity.Roast it up like dragon fire!

Furcifer - Into the Dark

A game about lighting the world towers.


Hello fellas!Fallace is about jumping and surviving on a dynamic platform. Carefully moving around and make sure to not fall into the abyss.Please roast my game with Firaga!Thank you!


Play it by clicking directly using mouse OR ZXCV keys.The game of tap, BattleTap. Get your stance up and tap on the right skill at the right enemy to fend them off your base. You will lose the game when your health goes to zero. A small game, maybe it's inspired by the beat-music game or something with rhythm. When perfection is the main objective of the game. Anyway, don't forget to try it out and let us know what you think about it. Any critiques or comments always wanted. Have fun gaming!

Level Design UI Graphics

Hey! This is my first time roasting, lol.
Judging from the demo itself, it's a fun and fast-paced game. Just need to ram over the enemy and done, simple like that.
My only problem is the UI graphics I think. Everything seems like popping out and it's so hard to find what I need. For example, I'm literally searching the entire screen just to find that tiny little UI about how much gold I currently have. It's somewhat frustrating.

Overall a fun game to play.

6 months ago

Nice dude! Thank you for taking interest in the game! :D

5 months ago

Nice, thank you for trying the game!

5 months ago

Hey, thank you for playing the game!
Forgot to put the instruction in it.

2 weeks ago

Link to download is not working, can you fix it?
Thank you!

2 weeks ago
Level Design Physics

Die too many times than soul series, stressed out at one of the stages, lol.
Using the 'corpse' to solve the puzzle is a new twist in a platformer game.

Some bugged movement at the ledge, I think.

Overall good and challenging game.

2 weeks ago

Hey, thank you for playing the game!
The game only using WASD and space button to play. Guess I should put little instruction at the start.

2 weeks ago
Mechanics Physics

A pretty simple game of ping pong with nice UI.
My only problem is when the ball movement become stagnant from left to right endlessly.
Just my thought.
Good luck!

1 week ago

Thank you for playing the game!
And for the suggestion, I think it will work well.

We will consider it in the future update. (y)

5 days ago

Hey there, thank you for playing the game and such a detailed review.
I can't say thank you enough for pointing the critical bug as well.

I had to admit that the game internal hierarchy is kind of get stuck and need a massive rewiring so it can progress further.
In the meantime, we will do what we can.


5 days ago
Story/Writing/Dialogue Tutorial/Learning Curve

Short answer:
I don't know what to do and what is happening!

My thoughts after playing:
After 10 minutes wandering around and clicking on every possible object, I finally able to absorb the green ooze. And then... I'm completely lost in the pool. I don't know, I just can't get to understand what the hell I'm doing there.

Anyway, good luck with improving the game.
If you don't mind, come to my page and roast my game.


5 days ago

Thank you for playing the game!
I agree, at the current stage, there are many things that need to be implemented so it becomes more responsive for the player. Button animation isn't included yet.
And thank you for the suggestion of the gameplay as well.


4 days ago
Game Graphics Controls

I have tried to play the game.
The graphic is nice, I like the overall feeling of mystery and loneliness.

I also found a bug(?) where you can jump over the wall and go straight to the end.

What I don't like is how it takes super long to walk around in the BIG maze, maybe just for me, I don't know. You decide.

If you have some time, come and roast my game too!
Thank you and good luck develop the game further.

2 days ago

Hey there!
IIRC I was stuck when meeting the laser enemy. Level 2(?).
I don't know what to press at that time.

15 hours ago

Yeah, still learning the engine at the time making it.
Thank you for playing!


15 hours ago

Maybe showing if things are intractable when the player comes near it?
I actually stuck because I don't know if the red doors can be opened. xD

12 hours ago
Story/Writing/Dialogue Game Graphics

I have tried the game.
I LIKE that the mysterious atmosphere it creates. Player remains unknown on what is going on and seeking the truth by exploring the town. And there's also a mini-game to refresh the feeling of sad & uncertainty.

I dislike the font I guess, it's a bit hard to read in the small resolution game. Maybe try some other font with more readability. Some context also hard to understand.

All in all, an interesting game. I'm curious about what's going with the story.

If you have time, try my game:
Good luck with the development!

10 minutes ago

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