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Moon Tide

Link to the game ( - Tide is an atmospheric game level with mystery and puzzle elements. Interact with the scene in this strange and surreal dreamscape to uncover what happened. I would be greatly appreciative of any playthroughs, feedbacks, or roastings as it will help me grow as a designer. Rude commentary and video capture are highly encouraged. It takes 10-20 minutes to complete, and I hope you enjoy it.Controls:Left click - InteractRight Click - Drop current itemThank you,Alex

Level Design Game Graphics

-Is reload not taught in first arena?
-Didn't know first arena was training, was trying to conserve bullets, didn't know it was practice to be honest
-I have ultrawide screen 3440x1440 and UI text is in middle of my screen, obscuring screen, can play, just annoying
-Text is also huge
-No real feedback for getting hit except for character coloration, but I'm focusing on game/shooting. Then I die and it feels like I wasn't even getting hit.
-Maybe add sound effect, that is audible within the mix, or screen shake of some sort
-Is there no point in trying to not die? I just respawn close by right?
-The wall blaster that has red line needs a charge-up animation so I know when to dodge it
-Grenade throw needs to be remapped to different key, I can't walk and aim a grenade while using my fingers from walk controls
-Can't see enemies off-screen
-Can't tell what gun I have out, too similar
-Slowing down while getting shot is annoying, how can I get away from damage if as they damage me I'm getting slower?

Left after first boss with overall feeling of frustration. It killed me basically instantly while it was offscreen.

1 year ago

Hey Patrick,

Thanks for playing the game and offering your feedback, it is useful to know where you got stuck. There is indeed a key, it's location has something to do with the parasols being taken out from the tables.

1 year ago

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