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Member the Way?

'Member the Way?' is a simple game.All you've got to do is to follow a given path. Sounds easy, right?Well, actually it's not quite that easy.You can see the path only at the beginning of a level. As soon as you hit 'Start', it disappears and you have to rely on your memory.But you are not all on your own. Some waypoints will still be visible and every 'saved' life can be used later to reveal a part of the path for a short time.How far can you get?

Game Graphics Controls

I like the overall look, i like the music.
The mechanics are ok i guess.

Here are my points:

- the game's height seems to be too much (my display has 2560x1080). I could barely see the lowest line of 'enemies', also some text in the menu was cropped
- the main menu can be controlled with the mouse, while the game-over menu can only be controlled with keys. This should be consistent imho
- you cannot go back to the menu from a running game -> add an option to the 'pause' screen
- you can shoot with 'space', but only single shots. Why is the behavior different from clicking?
- the 'start game' button should be directly accessible and not hidden within the controls menu (or rename the 'controls' to something like 'next')
- optionally using the arrow keys (wasd) + space (enter) for controls would be nice. The enter key is just too far away from wasd when navigating the menu

Hope this helps!

3 years ago

Thanks for the feedback and especially for the suggested improvements.
You are right that the game lacks a bit of variation. Currently with every level the path gets longer and there are 3 different grid types (Quad, Hex, Triangle).

Since all levels are generated, some of the dynamic elements would be quite a challenge to implement ;)

3 years ago

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