Jelly Story


Help  jelly to escape from  Flood disaster

that is demo game \the real game will have story and a nice characters

i hope u like the game


raonak 4 years ago

Looks like the game has potential,

something that could help with the presentation is giving the jelly a bit of a wobble when it jumps or lands

domo 4 years ago

Yeah i think the same i'm still working in it thx for help

morterra 4 years ago

Mechanics Game Graphics
The gameplay is fun, the main improvement would be adding a set style to the game. Have a 2D designer whip up some assets for you. I would recommend making it as bubbly as possible, to fit the jelly theme. Maybe even take it a step further and make the obstacles things that relate to jelly (peanut butter, butter knife, jar, bread, etc.). The difference in a professional game and a project can be the small details!

morterra 4 years ago

Maybe even make the character a grape that's trying to avoid becoming jelly?

domo 4 years ago

Cool Ideas thx bruh

Lohoris 4 years ago

Mechanics Controls
The mechanic is nice: having to hurry due to the rising water is not something new, but absolutely not overused, so it's good to have it… the "just leave in a useful place the box, it will float up" mechanic is quite novel and very interesting. Nice idea, I'd like to explore it.

The jelly is cute.

The platforms are placeholders, ok, while the water is already nice.

The interface will need a complete revamp, but I guess you already know that.

The huge problem about this game in its current state are the controls. They are, well… bad. It's terribly difficult (and not in a good sense) to control the character, there is a strange friction, a strange inertia, it behaves in very very odd unexpected ways.

Sometimes I also suddenly slow down for no apparent reason, I don't know if a platform is made of a different material (despite it looks the same), or maybe there is some friction problem with a low ceiling…

So, nice mechanic, keep it, but UX and especially controls to be redone from scratch, IMHO. Hope this helps, because there's potential here!

domo 4 years ago

Thanks you that help me a lot
I'm still working in a new update i will download soon thx

webczarnecki 3 years ago

Game is pretty fun, but controls are terrible.
1) There should be at least small resistance in movement if player is near edge.
2) Lack of some kind of progress information. How many levels there are etc
3) If i close game, there is no incentive to go back playing, so players could quickly forgot about it and never play it again
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