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Morterra - Survival Browser Game

Morterra is an online survival game set at the dawn of man. You awake with absolutely nothing and must find food, water, and protection from others. You will need tools to build a base to protect yourself, armors to defend against attacks, and weapons to fight back. You will eventually grow tired and need to sleep. However, while you sleep you are still vulnerable to attacks, so you must build adequate protection for yourself to survive the night. The world contains no edges, no "safe-zones" (other than bases you build for yourself), and players can construct/destruct at their own will, but be conscious of whose stuff you destroy!Play Now:

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The gameplay is fun, the main improvement would be adding a set style to the game. Have a 2D designer whip up some assets for you. I would recommend making it as bubbly as possible, to fit the jelly theme. Maybe even take it a step further and make the obstacles things that relate to jelly (peanut butter, butter knife, jar, bread, etc.). The difference in a professional game and a project can be the small details!

2 years ago

Maybe even make the character a grape that's trying to avoid becoming jelly?

2 years ago

Thanks! We are working on a tutorial and will add more ambient sounds ASAP! Also, animals are meant to be fast - a trap or a bow are a couple of solutions :D. Also, any chance you could replicate the bug with the trees? We haven't encountered or heard of it yet...

2 years ago

Thank you! A tutorial has been our #1 feedback, so it is our main priority at the moment. You can find sharp rocks on the ground which can be used as a one-time hatchet/knife - a tutorial would help explain that better ;D. You can create a flag to claim land - also will be in the tutorial. The help page sucks and will be replaced once we finish the tutorial. Spears aren't useless, when more players are on they are very useful for defending yourself. There are cows, pigs, and horses as well, but they usually try to stay away from humans. The percentages are your survival levels: hunger, thirst, fatigue, health, etc. You need to maintain them to survive :)

Thanks for the feedback. I feel once we add the tutorial it will fix a lot of your concerns and you can have another look :D

2 years ago

Hmm. Are you using Chrome? And do you have hardware acceleration enabled? Those can be the biggest performance throttles.

2 years ago

Thanks for trying out the game! We do have a tutorial if you press 'ESC' and click on 'Tutorial' at the top. It also pops up automatically the first time you log in, although it seems most people just ignore it. We have since made it much more aggressive of a popup, to better catch your attention. Thank you for this feedback, and let me know if you try it out again, what you think!

2 years ago

Thank you so much for trying it out and giving us your feedback!
There is a tutorial when you log in and there are some videos on YouTube to help guide new players through the controls, but they are often overlooked, so we are working on new ways to teach new players the mechanics!
To equip a weapon, you just have to select it in your toolbar. You can select it either by scrolling to it, or pressing a number key to select the toolbar slot.
You can't chop a tree trunk, it will either slowly decay, or you can light it on fire with some flint.
The server isn't laggy typically. I don't imagine that was the issue. There are a steady stream of players on/off throughout the day, a lot of which do log in for a short time and log off, because it is a browser game, people are quick to check games out quickly and then bounce around. We are hoping to improve retention, but that will come over time with other improvements to the game.
Again, thank you for your feedback, I hope some time in the near future you check us out again and see if we've improved!

2 years ago

Hey! Thank you so much for checking out the game and leaving your feedback! It means a ton!
In regards to your points:
- We do have a tutorial, it pops up as soon as you log in. You can also re-visit it in the inventory screen at the very top!
- The hatchet is very important! However, it is very easy to find a sharp rock by searching a rubble. The sharp rock acts as a hatchet for a 1-time use!
- You can claim a territory by placing a flag on the ground - make sure you lock it though, if other players gain access to your flag they can do whatever they want to your base!
- Yes, we are having major issues with Firefox. For some reason they choose to use different programming syntax against other browser standards, so a lot of features are slightly buggy. We are working on this, and apologize greatly for the inconvenience. Hopefully you will try out the game on Chrome for now, and see if that helps!
- Our servers aren't laggy with our current userbase, but it could also be location and internet speed issues. Our servers are in Virginia USA.
- Thank you, we are very proud of our low-poly look, and hope that is will allow us to be a playable game on all devices!
- Spears are meant to be an inexpensive weapon for beginners to protect themselves. You could use them to hunt, but you would also have to be able to catch/trap the chicken first! You can craft other tools on the workbench or anvil.
- The game is currently in alpha, but there are other animals - pigs, cows, and even horses that you can ride!
- The percentages are your overall stats - hunger, thirst, fatigue, etc. You need to maintain these in order to survive!
- That's unfortunate to hear! We haven't had many server issues, hopefully you can give me more information about the behavior you experienced?

Again, thank you so much for checking out Morterra!

2 years ago

Thank you! Will do!

2 years ago

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