Greenback - The Series (Prologue Level Demo)


About the Game

The name of the Game is Greenback. A Classic Point and Click Game following the story of one Hugo Greenback, the grandson of a late and renowned explorer Sir Richard Greenback.

This episodic game, will take you travel and go on an Adventure with Hugo, and meet amazing people, searching for treasures, visit exotic places, from the top of a luxury dining place to the depth of a catacombs, the excitements and mysteries are yours!

Game Update - 20/03/2016

  • Added Splash Screen and Main Menu
  • Added Starting Narration
  • Added New Chapter Image
  • Change some Inventory Item Properties and Descriptions.

In Development Notes

  • Add more interactions.
  • Fix the grammars.
  • Add more animations.
  • Redo the rooms with better visual presentations / graphics.


UpARiver 4 years ago

Game Graphics Tutorial/Learning Curve
My thoughts at the start were: Start cutscene should have some visuals rather than a black screen. The soundtrack fits the mood. I think the character could more a bit more quickly. The item menu should be shown to the player at the start of the game, I ended up finding it by mistake. Lastly I would make the start of the game a bit easier, I was roaming the initial part for about 15 minutes and all I could figure out was taking out a magnet from the fridge and ended up giving up on it. The game graphics look great and found 0 bugs, so well done on that.

DyingSilence 3 years ago

Controls Game Graphics
The game does the adventure gaming well, but what really didn't work well is pixel art, because the size of a single pixel isn't consistent for every sprite, which is displeasing to look at. Also, the autoskipping text isn't the best idea, it may not suite most people's reading speed.

rechronicle 1 year ago

Game Graphics Level Design
I'm late to the party, but I think this game is a good start for a giant puzzle game.
I like the mystery feel and looking for things to unlock a new path.

What I don't like is that I don't know if I'm stuck or just because it's the demo version that I played.

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Thank you, and good luck on your game dev journey!
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