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Greenback - The Series (Prologue Level Demo)

About the Game The name of the Game is Greenback. A Classic Point and Click Game following the story of one Hugo Greenback, the grandson of a late and renowned explorer Sir Richard Greenback. This episodic game, will take you travel and go on an Adventure with Hugo, and meet amazing people, searching for treasures, visit exotic places, from the top of a luxury dining place to the depth of a catacombs, the excitements and mysteries are yours!

Mechanics Level Design

To agree with the others, yes, it feels a bit repetitive after a few levels. Some levels are feel like its just too large or maybe just because the empty spaces, but graphics can fix that later.

Just a thought, Maybe if you add more and different challenges or level mechanics then maybe it won't be so repetitive? can play around with more than jump and repete, maybe some world dynamic obstacles?

But overall, i give 8/10 for the beautiful graphics, simple UI, and nice music! Keep at it! Great Job!

4 years ago

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