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An Endless Runner where you control a salmon.The game is available in the appstore, so for those willing to roast my game, heres some promo links (let me know if you redeemed them so I can delete them) :WATYWJ6X7TN6------PANA99767NKK-------T7MEAYL9E9TE--------63HMAPPPLL4K

Game Graphics Tutorial/Learning Curve

My thoughts at the start were: Start cutscene should have some visuals rather than a black screen. The soundtrack fits the mood. I think the character could more a bit more quickly. The item menu should be shown to the player at the start of the game, I ended up finding it by mistake. Lastly I would make the start of the game a bit easier, I was roaming the initial part for about 15 minutes and all I could figure out was taking out a magnet from the fridge and ended up giving up on it. The game graphics look great and found 0 bugs, so well done on that.

7 years ago

By cut off, you mean they weren't in the screen? I will work on the other issues. Many thanks for the feedback :D

7 years ago

Ok, will have a look. Thanks a lot!

7 years ago

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