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Some Sums

Some Sums is a math puzzle game in which you make sums by collecting the right numbers in the cup. Just keep an eye on the timer and you should be fine. - Campaign Mode: includes 17 levels of increasing difficulty mixed with level obstacles.- 4 difficulty stages: you will become better and better at adding numbers fast. - Power-ups: Collect them to get temporary boosts (extra-time, slow-down numbers, destroy bad numbers) and also, custom-made beats for each power-up.- Bonus stages: Win a level to enter the bonus stage and collect coins. The better you play the more coins are spawned. Use coins to buy items in the game shop. - Unlock adorable characters and dreamy backgrounds.- Endless Score Mode: you receive points for each sum you make. The game only stops when you run out of time.- Leaderboard: Prove your math prowess in the endless Score Mode and check your high score against other players.

Switch and Roll

Keep rollin', rollin', rollin'! Switch your color to keep rolling on the platforms. The colors of the character and the platform must be the same in order to stay on them. Just tap the screen to switch between colors. Collect gems to unlock new characters. Complete Challenges to prove your skill and gain more gems.

Roll Away

Make your character match the color of the terrain in this challenging single-tap game.- Endless mode- 15 challenges- 26 different characters Download link: https://itunes.apple.com/app/id1140488883

Game Graphics Tutorial/Learning Curve

I like the graphics, pretty cool take on minimalism.
I didn't get the game. I couldn't understand the tutorials and I felt that there's too much information coming at me in the beginning. I would suggest teaching the player to make an action and give it 3 levels to get accustomed to that action. I literally focused to understand how to play but I ended up brute-forcing the puzzle. At level 5 I lost any sense of control in the game as it seems to have another type of gameplay or something. I mean, I thought it's a game about lightbulbs, and then in lvl 5 there are color spots. I am sure there's some meaning to that but it was too much info for me to grasp in like 2 minutes. I need some time to put to practice everything you teach me.
I was pretty excited about the game after seeing some screenshots and it seemed like a cool puzzle game, which is great because that will drive you downloads. Good luck!

4 years ago

thanks a lot for the roast! You receive stars depending on the number of coins you collect which depends on how quick you are to make the sums (I know it's not intuitive, but we were at a point we had to make cuts). Regarding what are coins useful for, I imagine you haven't discovered the shop. The bottom right button. You can buy characters, backgrounds and even disable the ads if you have enough coins.
I would like to know if you found or will find something annoying or that you dislike. Thanks again!

4 years ago
Controls UI Graphics

HI! I actually enjoyed your game a lot! The controls just feel right, although it's not challenging enough. I would increase the player speed a bit, but keep the slow movement when rotating because it's really cool!

I really think it can work pretty well if you'd do the following:
- find a better name = simple, easy to remember, wording needs to be easy to stumble upon. Also, the name of the game is actually -270C, not -273
- make the player and enemies 50% bigger or decrease size of projectiles a bit.
- add weapons power-ups - when you kill some enemies, make them drop some crates that when picked up, it changes your projectiles (examples: 3 projectiles in cone, in line, longer - suggesting lasers; etc.)
- increase spawn rate of enemies as time progresses
- add more player ships - unlockable with score or coins
- spawn coins randomly that allow you to buy the new ships.

Hope this helps! good luck! :D

4 years ago

Hi nevercade! I totally forgot about this website.. Thank you for your feedback! I launched the game on iOS this week under a different name: Roll Away. Unfortunately the android version will have to wait a little while. Thanks again!

4 years ago
Level Design Story/Writing/Dialogue

Duuude! Your game is awesome! Great undercover tutorial, great level design patterns. Graphics is attractive, the sound as well. It's very visible the hard work that went into making it. I congratulate you, sir! Good job. Nothing to roast here, really. I see it's doing great in installs as well. Well done!

4 years ago

Now I see that you're actually a seasoned developer. I imagined so. Good luck ahead!

4 years ago

Totally true! I have a similar experience. Google Play is all about optimizing ASO and getting reviews for increasing installs. Being featured on GP doesn't help that much. The appstore is the opposite: you have to rely on featuring and not so much on ASO.
I developed 2 games and both of their launches were a failure (Roll Away, Some Sums). Made so many mistakes... from game genre, to art style, or marketing story (because it doesn't have something particular, it's not worth promoting the game through ads). Like you, I just hope I'll get the chance to work on PC game one day.

Best of luck, mate! I wish you reach the 100K installs checkpoint in no time!

4 years ago

Just Flick

Greenback - The Series (Prologue Level Demo)

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Some Sums

-273C: Shooting in Deep Space

Roll Away