-273C: Shooting in Deep Space


An arena space shooter designed for mobile.  Click either side of the screen to steer.  Survive as long as possible.  Enjoy the spectacular programmer art.

I changed the units from really crappy sprites to kinda crappy voxel models.  I added high score saving and a tutorial.  Since this is my first post here, I guess I also added a game to the game.  It has keyboard support, so if anyone doesn't want to do the Android version let me know and I'll upload an exe.  If anyone wants a mac version I'll export one of those too, but no promises on how well it will work.

  • Quests to drive engagement!  I think the gameplay's fun, but it probably needs a little more to keep people hooked than a high score system.
  • Leaderboards!  Probably the hackable kind.  So I'll probably only show people who are close to you on the boards.
  • Improved wave balance!  I've only had like 5 betatesters and most can't get above 200, so I'm the only one to test the higher waves.  Some I've only tested by faking my score.  So yeah, there's probably some balance issues.


JustAOrdinaryname 4 years ago

Game Graphics Animation
The 1990's wants their graphic back.

haidouk 4 years ago

Controls UI Graphics
HI! I actually enjoyed your game a lot! The controls just feel right, although it's not challenging enough. I would increase the player speed a bit, but keep the slow movement when rotating because it's really cool!

I really think it can work pretty well if you'd do the following:
- find a better name = simple, easy to remember, wording needs to be easy to stumble upon. Also, the name of the game is actually -270C, not -273
- make the player and enemies 50% bigger or decrease size of projectiles a bit.
- add weapons power-ups - when you kill some enemies, make them drop some crates that when picked up, it changes your projectiles (examples: 3 projectiles in cone, in line, longer - suggesting lasers; etc.)
- increase spawn rate of enemies as time progresses
- add more player ships - unlockable with score or coins
- spawn coins randomly that allow you to buy the new ships.

Hope this helps! good luck! :D

JustAddWater 4 years ago

Hey, thanks for giving it a play! I agree about the name, I'm awful at naming things and changed it basically every new build. I went with this one simply because no other games popped up when searching the Play store. Probably a reason for that, though! I'll definitely shrink the bullets a bit, I liked their size for readability(and the Vlambeer-ness of them) but apparently I got that wrong.

There's actually powerup support already in the game, I just stopped working on it because my playtesters didn't like it. They're making a comeback now, though! The next update will have powerups and enemy patterns, think Galaga. It might take a bit longer to implement enemy paths but that's on the docket too. Ships will take a while longer, but I really like the idea. I'm just going to have to figure all that out.

I've actually got the spawn rate increasing a bit, but I try not to overwhelm the player until further into the game. I'm walling off difficulties with score. Do you think I should drop the breakpoint to something lower, or just make another difficulty level?

I'm definitely going to be putting more hours into this, seeing if I can't fill it out a bit. Thanks again for playing! Your advice helps a lot.

Ayush_Dutt1 1 month ago

Game Graphics
Good game.
Keep it up...
Roast Em