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Grab your cue and join in the fun as amazeballz takes you on a pool journey like no other! Compete with real players from around the globe and test your skills against the super cunning AI computer opponents.

Gain access to a whole host of unlockable content by achieving challenge goals. Continue completing challenges and as your skills grow, so does the challenge. Add a twist to the game by activating Crazy mode which generates an endless variety of obstacles for mind bending gameplay.

Customise your own blank canvas environment with unique cues, ball-sets, and furniture. Take your game to other locations such as the frozen forest or alien spaceship, where the physics brings a new kind of challenge.

Set up your own trick shots in edit mode and amaze your friends with your pool mastery. Take full control of the game and modify the ball physics, table friction, gravity, and even the size of the balls.

  • Added helper ticker text information
  • Added auto quality adjust for slower devices
  • Added AI difficulty options

  • Dynamic challenge system to test your skill level
  • Play on iOS, Android, PC, OS X, and tvOS
  • Cross platform competition via play by mail
  • 3-Ball, 6-Ball, UK 8-Ball, 9-Ball, 10-Ball, 15-Ball, plus more
  • Unlock items and customise your own blank canvas environment
  • A variety of environments including a frozen forest and orbiting alien ship
  • Modify the physical properties of the game
  • Plus lots more as the game grows - play and give feedback to be a part of the fun!


MelvIsntNormal 8 years ago

Game Graphics Controls
Really liking the clean aesthetic of the game, plus the music fits too. The controls are slightly wonky though. I didn't understand the raise/lower cue part, and I didn't realise you had to drag back THEN forward to shoot. I thought you just held it down and something indicating power would appear. I really like the way it's done here, but I just think you need to tighten up the controls a bit and make that mechanic a little more obvious. Nice game, good work! :)

RagtagDev 8 years ago

Thank-you for your kind words and great feedback. We'll have a think about a way to indicate the strength of your shot on-screen.

JustFlick 8 years ago

Game Graphics
Interesting concept! Definitely needs more polish though!

RagtagDev 8 years ago

Thanks for the comment, is there anything specific you'd like to see polished?

zigglr 8 years ago

Story/Writing/Dialogue UI Graphics
cool like it . Nice graphcs and good game thanks

RagtagDev 8 years ago

Thank-you so much!

Bonc2games 8 years ago

Mechanics Tutorial/Learning Curve
Nice game. I really like the controls. Being able to pull back and then push forward makes it feel more like real pool than some others. All the various gameplay and camera options are great as well, and the simplistic look is really nice. The UI for the menus is pretty cool too! Great AI and the camera work was always pretty good as well. I liked the crazy mode, and being able to edit the ball layout.

I did think that it was a bit too easy to launch the cue ball and other balls off the table though, and if you launch the cue ball off the table pretty hard it just kinda disappears, and it takes quite a while before the next shot can be played.
Took me a while to realise you could adjust spin by clicking on the cue ball, and that you could skip the between-successful-shot transition with right-click, and that you could look around after you had played your shot. I did find all those things out, but a tutorial level/more detailed instructions might have helped.

Excellent game and I love the look of your upcoming features list - lots of interesting ideas and development there so I will be keeping an eye on this one!

RagtagDev 8 years ago

Thank-you for your kind words and great feedback! The next shot can only be played once the balls have stopped moving which can take a while. We're considering options to speed this up. The skip feature is activated by any click. Some kind of helper informing people how to play the game is top of our list!

WhiplashDigital 8 years ago

Animation Level Design
Looks very cool with slick animation. I'm sure it'll look great after some polish.

RagtagDev 8 years ago

Thank-you, we're polishing like mad!

nunodonato 8 years ago

Game Graphics UI Graphics
Great feeling to it. I missed a nice relaxing pool game, you sent me back some years into my childhood :)

RagtagDev 8 years ago

That's great to hear, we made a time machine!

maha 8 years ago

Game Graphics Controls
Nice game!

I love the graphics, minimal yet effective. Love the physics too, seems pretty accurate. The AI guy is really hard to play with, thats another fun part.

The controls part was hard, but you already know this by now :)

I would have liked more options in the game, like:

- Different difficulty levels where the AI gets progessively harder, and an ace levels where the ball direction hints are not shown
- Different types of pool games

PS: I think the fact that balls can fly out of the table is really cool, would make for some good laughter and conversation while playing the game :)

RagtagDev 8 years ago

Thank-you for the great feedback! Indeed we do, and are looking into implementing a simple tutorial to help play the game. We're working on AI difficulty, but having that increase (or even decrease) over time is an interesting idea! We'll be including options to add / remove aim helpers.
We'll be having all kinds of different rules types and tables, don't worry! The balls flying off the table can be funny, though it does get a bit much in crazy mode!


Vegeta 7 years ago

Game Graphics Controls
The game looks nice but the controls are laggy and a bit counter-intuitive.

MrDave 7 years ago

Game Graphics Tutorial/Learning Curve
This game is really good its hard to think of negatives. On my first game though I only took two shots before the AI won because it was too good. However on my next game I found it too easy to beat the AI.
Roast Em


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