Some Sums


Some Sums is a math puzzle game in which you make sums by collecting the right numbers in the cup. Just keep an eye on the timer and you should be fine.

- Campaign Mode: includes 17 levels of increasing difficulty mixed with level obstacles.
- 4 difficulty stages: you will become better and better at adding numbers fast.
- Power-ups: Collect them to get temporary boosts (extra-time, slow-down numbers, destroy bad numbers) and also, custom-made beats for each power-up.
- Bonus stages: Win a level to enter the bonus stage and collect coins. The better you play the more coins are spawned. Use coins to buy items in the game shop.
- Unlock adorable characters and dreamy backgrounds.
- Endless Score Mode: you receive points for each sum you make. The game only stops when you run out of time.
- Leaderboard: Prove your math prowess in the endless Score Mode and check your high score against other players.


kingziox 4 years ago

Mechanics Tutorial/Learning Curve
Loved the game mechanics and the increasing of difficulty as the game goes on, It would be nice to learn what qualifies you to get 3 stars or not also you should make more emphasis on what coins are supposed to do because I had to search to find out what their purpose was. Overall great game however! I had a good time playing it.

haidouk 4 years ago

thanks a lot for the roast! You receive stars depending on the number of coins you collect which depends on how quick you are to make the sums (I know it's not intuitive, but we were at a point we had to make cuts). Regarding what are coins useful for, I imagine you haven't discovered the shop. The bottom right button. You can buy characters, backgrounds and even disable the ads if you have enough coins.
I would like to know if you found or will find something annoying or that you dislike. Thanks again!
Roast Em


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