On Lights Off: Ultimate Puzzle


On Lights Off: Ultimate Puzzle is a game about turning on & off the lights. What makes it unique is the logic behind the game. 6 switches with different behaviors and very difficult levels will make the players think.

- 50 stages with 10 special stages
- 10 difficulty level with increasing stages
- 6 different switches
- In game tutorial: you don't need to play starting tutorial to learn the logic!
- 12 languages

This update fixes some audio bugs.


haidouk 4 years ago

Game Graphics Tutorial/Learning Curve
I like the graphics, pretty cool take on minimalism.
I didn't get the game. I couldn't understand the tutorials and I felt that there's too much information coming at me in the beginning. I would suggest teaching the player to make an action and give it 3 levels to get accustomed to that action. I literally focused to understand how to play but I ended up brute-forcing the puzzle. At level 5 I lost any sense of control in the game as it seems to have another type of gameplay or something. I mean, I thought it's a game about lightbulbs, and then in lvl 5 there are color spots. I am sure there's some meaning to that but it was too much info for me to grasp in like 2 minutes. I need some time to put to practice everything you teach me.
I was pretty excited about the game after seeing some screenshots and it seemed like a cool puzzle game, which is great because that will drive you downloads. Good luck!

Foxenon 4 years ago

Thanks for your detailed review. Most of the users are in same opinion with you, and I totally agree. The problem is that, 6 different switches has 6 different behaviours and I don't have any other chance to inform the player other than a tutorial. However I would say the player whenever s/he wants to leave the tutorial, back button is working. I know that it is hard to understand in the beginning, and each 5th game is about spot lights. However, I added a skipping button for players to leave these sepecial stages. I see that I am not successful about indicating UI and gameplay :) What I can do for the game is, I can remove the tutorial in the beginning, because whenever you want to play tutorial, you can easily find it on homepage. Next time when I create a new game, I will pat attention about your concerns :)

Berneons 4 months ago

Game Graphics Level Design
I just want to say that the graphics in the game are just beautiful, but I'm too dumb to play such games :D
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