You are an alien in a world of animals. Despite you don't undertand their language you have to help them if you want to go back home.

The game is almost finished. I want to know if you guys find some bugs or things to improve.


DrJamgo 4 years ago

Animation Tutorial/Learning Curve
The game is really fun at first. The Music drives you onward and you are all excited. The handmade animatiosn are Gold!
Unforunately I lost interrest after some time because I was unable o please a single animal.. 10 candy seems a lot without knowing the map, etc.
How to pickup hidden stuff in bushes (e.g. the steak) was not trivial to find out.

Points where I see improvement potential:
- smaller bits of reward/success at the beginning in a closed environment, e.g. find 1 Thing, give it to animal, proceed..
- make sure one understands the contolls/mechanics completely, before one can proceed into the "actual" game

Bund187 4 years ago

Thank you very much for your roast. It seem very accurate to me. Has been very challenging to me to let the player know what to do only with icons and I see there's still some work to do.
I'll take on account your improvement points.
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