Kaetram is a 2D open-source MMO prototype. I do not have any specific plans for the game as of yet, but I am looking for feedback on what I have done so far.

The source-code is available in the footer on the login screen.
Feel free to join our Discord if you are interested in following development.

- Fixes to the rendering engine (improves Firefox performance)
- Adds light to the starting cave

- Improved shop system
- Enchantment system
- More improvements to the combat system


Bund187 4 years ago

Game Graphics Level Design
I like the aesthetic in genereal. I think the tile moving style is good but maybe it needs a bit of speed as the character takes too much time to go from one point to another. I accidentally skipped the tutorial because when the guard told me to kill the five rats I, instead, touched a white square and got teleported to somewhere else. In this new scene it was a wizard and the same happened to me, I touched the white squared and got teleported to a village. The goal is not clear, I wanderer around a bit until I enter a cave and a wizard kill me. When I respawned a guy of level 76 was next to me but I couldn´t interact with it. Then I used the map to teleport to some lake and the game frozen.

I think the idea is good but it need to be really really well polished before continue.

Failure 4 years ago

Thank you for your suggestions. I completely agree with you, I do also feel as if the level system is confusing and there is no direct goal. I will definitely work on those suggestions.

AnimalRacer3 4 years ago

Game Graphics UI Graphics
I had a much longer roast here before but it didn’t post and got rid of it.... so in short of what I said before on the phone IOS the game takes a while to load the password and email is hard to read the background looks great however after loading into the game all I see id the health bar and some super shrunken down ui in the bottom right and I have to scroll to see one or the other. Also my screen is black other then those things...
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