The Radio Incident


This is a game about a radio, a radio that talks to you, a radio that seems friendly because everytime you pass one of its tests it gives you some money for you to decorate your room. Just obey the radio.


FilmGamerJ 1 year ago

Game Graphics Level Design
So right off the bat, I love the design and approach to everything here.
You've created a lovably quirky setting that calls back to Humongous Entertainment but also manages to be modern with the different memey references.

The art design is also excellent. It's wobbly rough quality totally works here. And yet you've also worked in higher quality art for the radio controls which I think helps give a nice bit of tactile nostalgia. Maybe it clashes a little with the twisted feel of the bedroom background, but the juxtaposition feels right given the game's tone.

I do have one ethical critique here, which is the use of music and sound effects, including Fry saying "Shut up and take my money," which shouldn't be used here. There may be a more gray area for the use of sound effects if the game was completely free, but your Game Jolt page has it set to "Name your price," which I think makes their use more contested. My recommendation is that you should either change the setting of this game from "Name Your Price" to "Free" if you're going to try keeping the Vaporwave tracks and sound clips in there. Or, update the audio to use royalty-free and original audio to give the same effect.

I include this last point because I think this game and its concept could easily be expanded into something you could genuinely sell for $6.99 or $9.99 if given enough content and polish. In which case, you wouldn't be able to publish it with this audio included.

Therefore, I highly encourage you to rework the audio side, but of course in a way that does not take away from the current audio's mood or stylistic intent.
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