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Goofy Souls

Goofy Souls is a 2D top-down souls-like with an emphasis on tight controls, fluid combat, as well as roguelike and RPG elements. Currently, you're able to pick from 2 very different characters and attempt to defeat the boss at the end of the level. As you make progress, shortcuts open up which will allow you to avoid redoing content that you've already done.Pre-Alpha Features:Many enemies with unique attacks and deadly skill sets. Use items such as molotovs and healing potions. Sneak past enemies or hit them from behind for extra damage. Use unique skills provided to you by the weapon you wield! Chain together light and heavy attacks. 1 medium sized level filled with loot and dangerous traps. Keyboard and mouse input only at the moment.  


I understand why you went with a single color background, i'm guessing it's so that the user doesn't have a hard time seeing the projectiles, but even games like touhou which have like 40x the amount of projectiles your game's got going on has nice backgrounds, so maybe keep that in mind. Cheers!

11 months ago

Yeah i just added a slider for the music and audio instead of just on/off. Obviously music/sound effects atm are placeholders. Currently im working on adding the levelup system and attribute system, so that there's a level of progression in the game, which is what it is missing.


11 months ago

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