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Escape Guldur

Can you escape?

Animation Mechanics

Literally just a snake clone. Maybe try and add some other mechanic?

1 year ago
Level Design Game Graphics

Quite fun to blast asteroids. Nice variation of mechanics with the powerups. The SFX are really bad though - would be a lot more satisfying with crunch SFX.

1 year ago
Game Graphics Controls

I have no idea what is going on here, my knight is just glitching out. Nice graphics though

1 year ago
Mechanics Game Graphics

Looks interesting and the physics look tight too! Would be cool to see how this is after some work has been put into presentation

1 year ago

Thanks for the feedback! I will add some intro text and take another look at the controls. I have to fit it to 4 directional and 2 action buttons (per WASM4 fantasy console). I think it might be better if you hold Z to get an item switcher HUD that is cycled through with direction buttons. What do you think?

1 year ago

Thanks for playing :)

1 year ago

Glad you found it fun. Thank you for the kind feedback :)

1 year ago
Game Graphics

This looks great. But I don't run android to actually try it unfortunately.

1 year ago
Story/Writing/Dialogue Game Graphics

I'm really not into visual novels, but I tried your game anyway.
I like this bg music, it's very "chill" as the kids say these days.
I think it would be more immediately engaging if there was an animated intro sequence and some subtle animation added to the stills (plus sfx and music), to "set the scene".
Naturally I ended up speed clicking until the game crashed my browser. Please take this with a pinch of salt, as I said, I'm not into these types of games, this is in-fact the first visual novel I've ever bothered to play. But maybe there are little things you can do to capture attention of a wider audience.

1 year ago
Mechanics UI Graphics

I really wanted to try this. Dismayed that there wasn't a web version, I was even willing to download the native version, but not for a price, unfortunately, even if it is only a dollar.

Graphics & animation is nice. UI text font is near-unreadable for me. Not everyone can stomach tiny pixel fonts. In this cases, you could easily use a bigger and more legible font.

1 year ago
Tutorial/Learning Curve Controls

- Not a fan of the tank controls but a small improvement would be to map WASD as well as the arrow keys.

- Why not follow the player instead of screen wrapping?

- Alert box on death is awful

- Really cool that you get different music on each play. But the music is pretty bad.

1 year ago
Game Graphics Tutorial/Learning Curve

Feel sick just watching the trailer. Cool!

1 year ago

Flip The Bird

Escape Guldur