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Tunnel Jet Racing

A fast and furious arcade like flight simulator race game where you race in underground tunnels. A shield protects your racer and allows you to collide with tunnel walls, which is handy since you'll find it hard not to. However, your speed will be sapped significantly with each collision hindering your race progress. Non-lethal weapons are available to hinder your opponents, but good luck using them effectively. Tunnel Jet Racing gets so fast you'll be struggling to avoid bouncing around the tunnel walls.Full 3D tilt steering control.Download new race series from as they become available.

Trench Racer

Trench Racer is a fast paced 3D racing and shooting game for iPhones, iPads and android devices. Race through trenches and underground tunnels avoiding obstacles and destroying enemies. Reach the end point before you're destroyed or your craft runs out of energy. Avoid rough terrain to maintain speed and blast your way through enemy strong-holds with an array of powerful weapons.

Game Graphics Controls

This is a nice looking game with a sophisticated look and I think with a little work it should do well. I would like to play it if you sort out the following.

I hated the controls. I don't like steering with on screen buttons. To be fair, I never do, I find my finger/thumb sticks to the screen a little and stops me from sliding to the left/right steering buttons. Since you seem to have digital steering it is not so much of a problem, but...

For me, this type of game has to have linear control, ie. you can steer slowly or faster depending where you place you finger.

However, please implement tilt steering. This game will be cool with that. You would just use your device like a steering wheel. You can make it really sensitive (add sensitivity adjustment) and it gives you great control. It's not that hard to do, with unity I would imagine it should be really easy. I didn't try your joystick option since I don't have one for iOS devices.

I did find it a little hard on my iPhone to see some of the obstacles and where to go, I'm sure it would be fine on an iPad, but on the iPhone I'm not so sure. You may be better to raise some of those low lying rocks a little so you can pick them out easier on a small screen.

Last very minor points. The loading times are significant, which is ok, but it would be better if you had a loading bar so I could see roughly how long it's going to be. You might also consider allowing a few minor hits before you burst into flames.

In summary, I'd like to play this game if you sort out the control issues.

ps: allow mirroring of controls for people who would like to steer with their right hand

5 years ago
Game Graphics Tutorial/Learning Curve

This could be quite a cute little game I think, but it's not good when you start.

When you first start to play you don't know what anything is. Those mine things, hmm, don't know what that is, lets run over it. Oh, I'm dead. To carry on I need to watch a video, well thanks for that.

And what exactly is the aim of the game. I don't know and can't be bothered to find out because I've watched 2 videos that I didn't want to now and haven't even got into the game. You'll never get enough downloads to make any money if people don't get into the game and give you good reviews.

I don't normally play games like this, so it is possible other people will know what to do more and so find it easier to get into. I would suggest however to never display an advert until people have been playing it for at least a few minutes and can decide whether they like the game before adverts start annoying them.

Also, on my device, a 7 inch tablet the graphics were a little fuzzy, including the text. You could do with improving that. The white text could do with a black outline (or background) as well, since I couldn't see it properly on some backgrounds (right at the start).

A bit negative I know, but the first few minutes of game play is pretty crucial. I'm starting to realise I need to apply that to my game. This game has potential and I think could be a lot nicer with not too much work, so good luck with it.

PS: you can get your own back by reviewing my game

5 years ago

PPS: Actually I played it a little more and it got better quickly. I would still recommend no adverts for the first 10 minutes and some idea of what you have to do to finish at least the first level.

5 years ago

Thanks, this feedback is very helpful. There is a tilt sensitivity setting, which when set to max should make the steering sensitive enough that you only have to tilt the phone slightly. There are 2 different steering mechanisms in the code though, it's possible I've messed one up, so I'll check them out. Also I'll make sure the default setting is much more sensitive.

You're right about the track design, I'll be adding extra obstacles and maybe gun turrets to liven it up, then I'll have to add some more exciting stuff like city backgrounds. Water features are a good idea, I like the idea of dodging a waterfall.

I need to look at some power ups, extra shielding, speed boosts etc. There are more ships available (I just need to publish the race series for them), but I should probably show them in the menu system, so you can see they can be used (unlocked) in the future.

So much to do, thanks for your help.

5 years ago

Thanks. The game should be released in about a week from now. They'll still be plenty to add and improve, so should keep me busy for a bit.

5 years ago

This game has been removed from apple and google play now.

It's been morphed in to Trench Racer, that I've just added, which is in beta release.

4 years ago

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