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Hop! 2D, a different platformer

In this platformer requiring only 2 keys (left or right), Hop is a one-legged creature that keeps jumping. Help him to reach his girlfriend.Though still in progress, Hop!2D is already playable through multiple worlds and levels. Hop!2D will be updated monthly until its final version.NB : the default language is french but you can switch to english from the main menu, the setup will be saved.

Game Graphics Story/Writing/Dialogue

Hey ! You succeeded in making me waste some of my time !
Love the graphics but I hoped a little reward after 99999 clicks... I may be wrong, this is not the spirit of that game !
By the way, is the "graphic glitch" on the last unlocked button deliberate ?
Hope to see more games of yours

11 months ago

I would like to help you but your link returns me a 404 error...

11 months ago
Game Graphics Story/Writing/Dialogue

Had a try but not sure I understand the goal of the game. Is there a right door and a wrong one each time ? Is it random ?

11 months ago

Where's the "download" or "play" button ?

11 months ago

Hello everyone !

A bug was kindly reported by GNU in BETA 20 version of Hop!2D : the game freezes and crashes a few seconds after the beginning of level 40. Fortunately, the error was found and all is fine now. Time to update your game and download BETA 20b version !!

Thanks for your help, GNU, testing is precious !

11 months ago

Please, where are the links ?

11 months ago
UI Graphics Controls

Great visuals, interesting concept and nice sounds ! I reached level 19 in my first try.

Dash may be more intuitive with ctrl+left / ctrl+right to match the move direction.
A reminder of the current level could be added in the corner of the screen.

10 months ago

Lots of things to improve in my opinion...
Physics are horrible to me, I don't understand when the main character can go up, the reaper is way too close to the player at the beginning of the game, no in-game instructions about the goal and controls, too simplistic graphics (just squares and an odd-looking big enemy).
Sorry !

10 months ago

Merci pour ton commentaire et désolé pour cette réponse tardive (vacances obligent !), le jeu est régulièrement mis à jour (1 fois par mois) sur mon site et j'espère le terminer fin 2022 (au mieux)/début 2003 (au pire).
Accepterais-tu de rejoindre l'équipe des beta-testeurs pour me faire un retour plu scomplet et être ajouté dans les crédits du jeu ?
Merci à toi et j'espère à bientôt !

9 months ago

Hop! 2D, a different platformer

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