Smash Ringtail Cat 2: Dr. Glitcher's Revenge


Dr. Glitcher is out for revenge! He has an ultimate weapon codenamed: Binary and Smash Ringtail Cat and his friends must venture off to stop Dr. Glitcher and Binary from taking over the world! Follow Smash Ringtail Cat 2 Today! Coming Summer 2020 to Windows!

An EARLY ACCESS BUILD will be available to download for FREE from June 7, 2019 - October 4, 2019!

As of 6/5/19, the game download link has been changed to the page! If you want to download this game from Game Jolt, visit the link:

Early Access Build Releasing June 7, 2019!

Early Access Updates TBA!


the_crow 1 day ago

Level Design UI Graphics
it needs a graphic update, aside from that, :

-the crystals that you collect needs movement, at least some rotation, you are using game maker studio right?
you can do this by putting image_angle+=0.05 in the step event of the object you want to rotate

-instead of showing a text "score:" + numer of collected , show the icon of the crystal and the numbers collected, to do this ,in the draw event you need to put draw_self() to actually show a sprite.

-the same with the "lives:" text

-I HOPE that there IS NOT a flashing background level in your game like in the first game,
even for non-epylepsy persons it gives a headche after playing it :(.

you should add a invicivility time after being hit by the enemy, otherwise the first boss battle is very unfair and hard, because the boss is spaming atacks and the atacks keep hiting you every frame

-there is a bug that happens when you lost all lives, the game crashes instead of showing the usual game over screen

i could help you a little with your game if you want for free.

GlassSeastar 13 hours ago

I am aware of the feedback I've been getting about the graphics in both of the games. The feedback about the score and lives are very helpful, and I'll see if I can work on an update for those things. Before you ask, there is no flashing backgrounds in this game! I will make an update on the first game about the flashy level. Adding invisibility can be helpful, so I can work on that for both games. I have not experienced the crash bug in the game, but I will work on it ASAP!

the_crow 1 day ago

Level Design Game Graphics
also if you want to make a fake 3d rotation in the lives object that you collect, step event ,put:

image_xscale = cos(current_time / 1000);

GlassSeastar 13 hours ago

Thanks for the tip!

the_crow 1 day ago

Level Design Mechanics
also, there is this bug, only the main character can break the bird cage.

i don't know if this is intentional or not.

GlassSeastar 13 hours ago

While the game is based off levels for Smash Ringtail Cat himself, the reason for this is to make it usable for Smash only, but in the next update I will work on having all 3 characters fly with the bird character, therefore I can have 3 of the main switchable characters hit the bird cage in a later patch!

GlassSeastar 13 hours ago

Oh yeah, and this is also made with Game Maker Studio 1.4!
Roast Em

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