Sky Blocks is a block matching puzzle game that moves as quickly as you do! Drag and match blocks to form explosive combos. Every move you make causes another block to fall onto the board - don't let the board get too full! Earn bonus points by playing quickly and matching extra blocks in your combo.

Sky Blocks is currently in beta. We greatly appreciate your feedback to help with development!

Official beta release

  • Ability to rotate camera up and down to get better view of block stacks
  • Earn credits by completing levels within time limits. Spend credits on unlocking new levels and purchasing power-ups
  • Powerup system will give player temporary advantages: Prevent blocks from dropping, slow gravtiy, match 3 blocks instead of 5 etc...


LostDutchman 3 years ago

Animation Mechanics
I downloaded the Android version of your game but I cannot play it. The game opened to the Unity splash screen the first time I tried to launch it then my phone shut down. After that every time I try to launch the game it goes to a black screen then back to my home screen. I'm on a Nexus 6 running Android 7.1.1 I took a video of it happening and will try to send that to your email listed on the google play store. Let me know if you need anything else from me to help fix the error.

Based on your trailer video the game play looks engaging and I really like the screen shake animation. I can't comment on how it feels since I was unable to play but it looks very promising.

VirtualLegendsGaming 3 years ago

Hey thanks for checking out the game. I'm not sure what's going on with the android version. I have seen the issue on certain phones, I'll try to find a solution.

Leafo 3 years ago

Animation Physics
Hmmm. The Android version is busted. Its completley down. I tried to open it on a Samsung Galaxy S7, and it worked. But then, I tried it on an S8, and it went straight to a black screen. Fix this please.

VirtualLegendsGaming 3 years ago

That's really weird since I'm running it fine on my S8. I'll try to re-download it and see if there's an issue with the latest version. Thanks for checking it out though!
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