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Robot Sumo

Two players, one device!Grab a friend and learn the finer points of robot vaccum sumo by smashing, shoving, and charging each other until one of you gets knocked out of bounds!

Animation Mechanics

I downloaded the Android version of your game but I cannot play it. The game opened to the Unity splash screen the first time I tried to launch it then my phone shut down. After that every time I try to launch the game it goes to a black screen then back to my home screen. I'm on a Nexus 6 running Android 7.1.1 I took a video of it happening and will try to send that to your email listed on the google play store. Let me know if you need anything else from me to help fix the error.

Based on your trailer video the game play looks engaging and I really like the screen shake animation. I can't comment on how it feels since I was unable to play but it looks very promising.

1 week ago

This is not a game yet so it needs a lot of work but I am going to assume that you are looking for feedback on the overall feel of throwing the ball into the hoop. The mechanic of charging your shot with the mouse works but I find it boring. I can jump while shooting the ball but is does not seem to make much of a difference to the shot (unlike in real basketball). I think this is a concept that could be fun in VR with motion controls, but on a monitor with a mouse you will need to add a bit more to keep it interesting.

6 days ago
Game Graphics Game Graphics

Its a cute avatar maker, and I appreciate the inclusion of cultural head coverings. I think what this needs the most is more. More hair, more hats, more clothes, more everything. To do that you will need to overcome the next biggest weakness I see, the UI is not well organized. Why are there 2 hat menus, why don't all the hats behave the same way between menus (I can't put on a trucker hat and earphones but can put on a trucker hat with flowers). It would make more sense for a user if I can equip 1 item from each menu without canceling an item on another menu. Final beef, the color menu is confusing and too limited. Why not use a color wheel instead of limiting color choices? If you could make it so that the user clicks on the part they want to change, then select the color it would be much less confusing and cumbersome then the numbers. Keep the art style though its cute and fun.

6 days ago

I feel like my feedback might be wrong after reading this. I said you needed to add more things (hair, earrings, eyes, ect..) but maybe I just could not find them. I counted 272 options in the game, so I am missing something... I guess you should work more on the UI, or I'm an outlier that cant see something obvious...

6 days ago

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