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Sky Blocks

Sky Blocks is a block matching puzzle game that moves as quickly as you do! Drag and match blocks to form explosive combos. Every move you make causes another block to fall onto the board - don't let the board get too full! Earn bonus points by playing quickly and matching extra blocks in your combo.Sky Blocks is currently in beta. We greatly appreciate your feedback to help with development!

Controls Mechanics

Just completed level 4! here's my review...

The good:
-Controls are excellent, smooth and responsive, everything feels right. Game is fun to play!
-Retro graphics with bloom are pleasing to look at
-Getting punished for missing by having projectiles bouncing around the level is a cool idea
-Music is good and fits with the theme

The bad:
-Getting bumped back a level after losing is frustrating and makes the game feel repetitive. I'd recommend finding a different way of punishing the player, maybe using a system where you have X amount of lives before it's gameover
-The player can sit in one place for a long period of time if they are accurate. You have the timers to encourage movement which is cool, but I think it would be a lot more fun if some of the enemies could fire projectiles at you, this would force movement in a more interesting way. You could even have it so you could shoot down certain projectiles
-Why is tournament in the name, there is no tournament going on in this game :P

-More enemy variety. Enemies that take multiple hits, fire projectiles, have special abilities etc...
-Add some environmental stuff that the player can periodically interact with
-Spawning multiple enemies at once would be fun

Overall fun game, keep up the good work!

7 months ago

Hey thanks for checking out the game. I'm not sure what's going on with the android version. I have seen the issue on certain phones, I'll try to find a solution.

6 months ago

That's really weird since I'm running it fine on my S8. I'll try to re-download it and see if there's an issue with the latest version. Thanks for checking it out though!

6 months ago

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