A game where you rotate blocks to make complex shapes. Feedback appreciated.


yungs 5 years ago

Mechanics Game Graphics Reply

Homsher 5 years ago

Mechanics Tutorial/Learning Curve
The game is a great idea, but I had no idea what I was doing for the first game or two. The speed to dissolve the blocks also takes a bit too long in my opinion. 3.5/5 but it can quickly jump to a 4-5 star game very easily.

Jespur 5 years ago

Hi, just curious, did you notice the Help button which explains the basic concept in the top right corner or not? If not, I might have to make it pop up on first play on something like that.

asicsp 5 years ago

Mechanics Game Graphics
Took multiple tries to understand what is happening.. good idea :)

one doubt though, how does the endless game end?

* Replace Exit button in home page with Help
* Use the white-green combination shown in help and some other color when tile is matched.. white-green gives much better contrast.. currently I find it very difficult to distinguish between empty space and shape
* Save unfinished game to be restored on next app start, if possible
* Add a button on home screen to see just the high scores of each game variety?

Muggles 5 years ago

Mechanics Tutorial/Learning Curve
The game itself is great, however I was a bit lost as to what I needed to do for a while. Although I did click the help button for help, I still felt like it was lacking a real tutorial on how to play or what to do.

funtobuild 5 years ago

Mechanics Game Graphics
I can't play, as sadly no web/mac/pc/or iOS but from the video it looks like a nice match between pipe panic and bejewelled. I'd love to play. Sadly, cannot.

CoreGG 5 years ago

Game Graphics Tutorial/Learning Curve
It is good, I like the smooth feelings of the art. Not hard, but not too easy either.

thepowerlies 9 months ago

Mechanics Game Graphics
Nice idea.
Are those triangles jpeg images? improving the graphics can do a lot for the game
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