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A match 3 puzzle game. Clear the game boards in your own time    Use logic to beat progressively more difficult puzzles.   Simply tap once to select a knucklebone (a picture tile), then tap somewhere else to place the tile, or swap it.   Tired of mindlessly crushing candy or matching jewels?     Featuring: free to play logic puzzles - start off easy, and work your way to almost impossible easy to learn, hard to master game play gentle beginner levels to teach you how to play more than 50 levels! 5 gravity modes gameplay built to be color-blind accessible multiple color schemes to suit all tastes play again and Improve your scores earn bragging rights beat the levels and challenge your friends!

Mechanics Tutorial/Learning Curve

Hiya, played on Unity Web, so the controls weren't obvious (arrow keys? wasd?) ... eventually figured out spacebar to swap the piano keys (thats what they look like to me)

a wee dialog or hint screen saying what you need to do would assist. Or perhaps, having the character not drop until the correct input is hit the first time?

I showed the models to my son (16yrs old) and he wouldn't have a bar of the game due to how creepy the characters looked lol

it works smoothly and well on the laptop

5 years ago
Game Graphics Mechanics

I assume this is a pre-alpha. what you have looks good though

5 years ago
Mechanics Game Graphics

I can't play, as sadly no web/mac/pc/or iOS but from the video it looks like a nice match between pipe panic and bejewelled. I'd love to play. Sadly, cannot.

5 years ago

yeah, the trailer is trash. Pity the app store only lets you have 30 seconds vs 2 minutes on the play store

5 years ago

well.. he is creeped out by dolls in general, but yeah. lol, i think it was just him :P

5 years ago
Story/Writing/Dialogue Controls

Cute audio! It's hard te play on a trackpad.. pity there was no JIKL keys to control the squirter.

Nice for an LD game

4 years ago

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