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Now You See Me (Android)

* Now You See Me is a point-and-click horror game where players are thrown into random locations and must find the ghost that lurks within! * Find the ghost before it finds you - time is of the essence! * You only have 5 attempts before the ghost attacks! After that, you'll have to wait for your courage to return. * Use your "Sacred Finger" and drive the ghosts away! * Inspired by the "When you see it" internet memes!

Tentacle Rescue

This game is a satire of a certain genre of interests while providing fun for the casual fan. Tap at starfishes until they turn green and swipe them away. It's that simple. Just watch out for when they are trying to wrestle with our maiden because those will weaken her resolve.How long can you last? Play and collect achievements to unlock all of the hero's memories of his girlfriend. As a caveat, you can earn shells to unlock new hairstyles and swimwear for the girlfriend.  Post your highscores online and challenge people around the world for the claim to be the best Tentacle Rescuer!

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4 years ago
Mechanics Game Graphics

4 years ago

Thanks for the feedback but it's really not. What exactly gave that impression?

4 years ago

This is something we thought about initially but could not pull of due to limited resources at the time. Will most def consider it for a future version. And yes, cheap scares was kinda the goal here.. but I get what you mean. Will see how it can be improved. Thanks so much for the meaningful feedback!

4 years ago



Now You See Me (Android)