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Square Tic Tac Toe (Android)

You know Tic Tac Toe right?Now imagine a 4x4 board where Four of your moves form a SQUARE..And both these games are extended to larger boards upto 12x12 by introducing Blocking moves------------If you are interested, here's a generic NxN Tic Tac Toe AI logic and visualize AI decision making for one move

Mechanics Game Graphics

Took multiple tries to understand what is happening.. good idea :)

one doubt though, how does the endless game end?

* Replace Exit button in home page with Help
* Use the white-green combination shown in help and some other color when tile is matched.. white-green gives much better contrast.. currently I find it very difficult to distinguish between empty space and shape
* Save unfinished game to be restored on next app start, if possible
* Add a button on home screen to see just the high scores of each game variety?

4 years ago

Thanks for the feedback :)

ui/ux is the most complaint I've had followed by crazy AI difficulty..

4 years ago

ha, thanks for the idea

I can still try it ;)

4 years ago

thanks a lot :)

4 years ago

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