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Rad Rocket

Are we alone? The timeless question of whether intelligent life exists elsewhere in our universe has finally been answered here in Rad Rocket. You're a lone cosmonaut hurtling through the vacuum of space. Yet with instruments down, you must rely on nothing more than your instincts and keen animal reflexes to avoid confrontations with extraterrestrial crafts, the results of which could be catastrophic for civilization as we know it.Set to haunting synths and saxophones, this game reveals the depth and mystery of space as never before."you know what? the perfect pooping game" - MatteoFeaturing:- Addictive arcade style gameplay with simple controls- Troublesome UFOs- Upgradeable rockets- Leaderboards (can you make the top ten?)- Hand drawn artwork

Story/Writing/Dialogue Controls

I played through the demo version, I really liked it, well done!

I also agree with the other comments, i missed a lot of dialogue before realising to look for it. Also i could see it could get a little repetitive if it doesn't change a little in later worlds.

6 years ago

Thanks for the feedback!
I've added a new startup screen with a bit more instruction, as well as a subtle fiery trail for the rockets.

I did try the press and hold controls, but for me it didn't work as well (but maybe as i'm used to it now!)

6 years ago

Rad Rocket