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Disturbing the Equilibrium

A relaxing puzzle game, suitable for all ages. Improving shape/pattern recognition, 3-dimentional spacial awareness, memory, puzzlesolving, reaction time and accuracy.Play with Mouse only.Drag mouse to rotate structures.Click on the shapes to gain points.Find the correct shape fast for higher combo and higher score.If you cannot find the right shape use the Mix them up button.Game by Rumen Petrov

Baby Goat Billy

When the corrupted tribe saw Billy, they snatched him from the injured goat villagers and disappeared into the shadows. You must reveal the story behind this goat mythology, build an invincible deck, defeat the evil creatures and save your baby brother before its too late...    

UI Graphics Mechanics

Wow, this game is impossible to play :D The car drives like it has its wheels blocked or something. Very slow and not fun. The first level is kind of impossible to beat as the opponent is much faster and because of the slow camera transitions and general slow gameplay i didnt want to play more. I have to grind through the same straight level 4 times to go to level 2? Thats very frustrating.
I think in the future you should focus more on making the driving fun and making an actual track with turns. Seems like you spent 60% of your development time on the UI/menus and camera transitions.
Hopefully my feedback has been helpful and you can improve it in the future :)

1 year ago
Level Design Mechanics

Pretty nice levels, good learning curve, but I was really bothered by the music.. I saw some people liked it but... it was quite screechy for me. I have seen this "use your past self" mechanic before and its nothing original in this platformer. Its a good starting game tho. Excited to play your new ones. Please check out my games, thank you :)

1 year ago

Now the download link is working, feel free to try it out. I would greatly appreciate if you could write down some notes or feedback on what you think I should improve or what kind of content you would like to see more of. If you prefer you can also send me an email at
Game is available for wishlist on Steam:
Thank you for your interest <3

1 year ago

Thank you for your detailed comment Abbas! I will look into the issues you mentioned. The game should not be heavy on normal specs, but laptops do tend to get weaker much faster than PCs over time. There are also Quality settings in the settings menu, could you please try to run the game on lower quality and see how it goes? I would really appreciate it, and also if you could tell me your laptop specs.

If you prefer, you can send me the info at
Your effort will help a lot to improve the game and experience so thank you very much for spending the time!

1 year ago

Grand HD Highway

Disturbing the Equilibrium

Baby Goat Billy