"Freedom is the right to choose what binds us."

REC/REW is an-going project for a Visual Novel about a young man moving his first steps life, splitting his time between college, friends and his fight to win the heart of his long time crush.
A sudden murder will trigger a chain of events ultimately leading him to question the very nature of the world he lives in.

Note: there is no section on RMG dedicated to Visual Novels. In my personal opinion RPG was the closest guess.

Been a while since last time I uploaded my entry on RMG.
Latest update brings overall gameplay to 265k words. I'd say chapter 2 is around 85% complete.
Downloadable versione only - web version will be updated once chapter 2 is finalized - once that milestone it's reached the web version will act as a "demo" (a roughly 300k words long demo...) with the downloadable version including "everything else".

Present to-do list include:

  • Chapter 2 being released.
  • Continuous improvement program for sprites and scenes: pick those that I dislike the most and rework them; rinse and repeat until I puke or I'm fully satisfied (the former being more likely)
  • Last part of chapter 2 being proof-readed and upgraded to match whatever I introducted in last update(s). Chapter 3 currently "on hold" as I work on it.


OneManDev 1 year ago

I am playing your game it's very enjoying, please play my games and give me some valuable feedback

JustAnotherNick 1 year ago

I'd love to! However I see you only have Android versions of your games.
Why not adding Windows and/or a web-based release(s) (the latter would be even better!)?

ps. Dunno about actual feasibility ofc...

hazeycode 1 year ago

Story/Writing/Dialogue Game Graphics
I'm really not into visual novels, but I tried your game anyway.
I like this bg music, it's very "chill" as the kids say these days.
I think it would be more immediately engaging if there was an animated intro sequence and some subtle animation added to the stills (plus sfx and music), to "set the scene".
Naturally I ended up speed clicking until the game crashed my browser. Please take this with a pinch of salt, as I said, I'm not into these types of games, this is in-fact the first visual novel I've ever bothered to play. But maybe there are little things you can do to capture attention of a wider audience.

JustAnotherNick 1 year ago

Thanks for playing & I'll treasure your suggestions. Both should be feasible (just a matter of learning how to do that, plus the usual 10% inspiration / 90% perspiration thing XD!)
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