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"Freedom is the right to choose what binds us."REC/REW is an-going project for a Visual Novel about a young man moving his first steps life, splitting his time between college, friends and his fight to win the heart of his long time crush.A sudden murder will trigger a chain of events ultimately leading him to question the very nature of the world he lives in.Note: there is no section on RMG dedicated to Visual Novels. In my personal opinion RPG was the closest guess.


I really enjoyed the way you put your feelings inside this... story. It's more of a "story" than a "game". There were a couple times I was really, really moved.
I sincerely hope putting everything into this work helped you out.

I was going to mark "game mechanics" as the point which needs the most work, but then I decided to leave that post void. The guide often says, things cannot be changed. Hence, there is no need to add the possibility for me to change how the story unfolds.

2 months ago

I get this error msg:

Failed to load

Check into dropbox, img/menus is nowhere to be found there.
Fix it and I'll give your game a try ^^!

1 month ago
Story/Writing/Dialogue Mechanics

Getting to properly hit my opponent is rather hard as other people already pointed out.
The premise is simply great! As a fellow Italian who inhabited Lombardy for some years I can't but feel exhilarated by the mood of this game and the way you "bent" history to craft your lore!

1 month ago

I couldn't. That error prevents me from starting the game altogether!

1 month ago

Did that, only to be stopped by yet another error about a missing file. This time it's "img/titles2/Splash_0.png" only I can't seem to get throught it even if I put a png there (I went as far as copy-pasting both the path and the file name to make sure I was not misspelling it, to no avail).

1 month ago

Lovingly creepy (a bit leaning on the "disgusting" side more than horror... to me at least! Bugs are gross!!!!).
The only thing I'm really missing is something to make the text run a bit faster. Apart for that... well, you're doing a really neat job! Keep it up!

1 month ago

I'd love to! However I see you only have Android versions of your games.
Why not adding Windows and/or a web-based release(s) (the latter would be even better!)?

ps. Dunno about actual feasibility ofc...

3 weeks ago

Simple and funny game. Got to the fourth level and died a bunch of times, still I never felt frustrated.
So far... no, I can't escape. Still I had fun at trying, and I do like the clean and essential graphics which reminds me of the times back when my "computer" was a ZX spectrum connected to my home's CRT televion ^_^

2 weeks ago

Thanks for playing & I'll treasure your suggestions. Both should be feasible (just a matter of learning how to do that, plus the usual 10% inspiration / 90% perspiration thing XD!)

1 week ago



Langobardia Horribilis: in Trebia